Friday, March 28, 2014

The Attachment Pregnancy book giveaway

I know that Mummie's Nummies is a breastfeeding support blog and community.... BUT no breastfeeding journey would begin without a baby.... and no baby would begin without a pregnancy. Which is why I am happy to once again be teaming up with the authors of "The Greatest Pregnancy Ever", to introduce their latest book "The Attachment Pregnancy: The ultimate guide to bonding with your baby."

This book explains how the bond between Mummie and baby begins way before birth, before the first movement, before hearing the heartbeat for the first time. The bond can begin AT conception, when you first find out your pregnant. That you can begin to create an emotional connection with the little being that is growing within you, right away. For some women, this is easy. For others, it is a process. This book explains how to make that process easier, something ALL mothers can benefit from. Because if a mummie benefits from it.... so does their little one inside. 

Every mother wants to feel deeply attached and bonded to their baby, and every mother and baby deserve to experience this. However, there is more to achieving a deep and lasting bond with your baby than just having an understanding of what is happening to your body week by week during pregnancy. It is about fostering a deep spiritual and emotional attachment to your baby. This attachment is called the mother-baby bond and starts at the very beginning, from the moment of conception. 

"Studies have shown that parents have more influence over their child, both emotionally and physically, during pregnancy and the first years after birth than at any other point in life. With The Attachment Pregnancy, you will learn how to use this important time to form a deeper connection and introduce your child to a loving environment—even before birth. Childbirth experts Tracy Wilson Peters and Laurel Wilson guide you through each stage of development with advice for providing consistent and nurturing care as your baby grows, so that you can ensure that every need is always met." 
This book will provide information that is based on groundbreaking new research, which is proving many of the theories on attachment to be true. This book shares little-known facts that can forge a deep bond between mother and baby, which can lead to a healthier pregnancy and baby.  
*Being conscious and aware of your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs can deepen the mother-baby bond and be beneficial to the health of your baby and your pregnancy.
*Reducing stress in pregnancy can positively affect your baby’s development, emotional and mental health, disposition and personality, as well as her overall health.
*Eating mindfully and making positive lifestyle choices during pregnancy actually has a significant impact on your child’s disease risk, brain development, and even her future personality.
*At no other time in the life of your child does the mother-baby bond have the power to influence who your child will be, both emotionally and physically, than during pregnancy and the first years of her life.  
This book can give you the jump start on achieving YOUR mother-baby bond. Something EVERY mummie and baby deserve to have.

I am excited to announce we are giving away one copy of The Attachment Pregnancy to one lucky Mummie! So check out the rafflecopter thingy-majiggy, follow the entries and GOOD LUCK!


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Undercover Mama GIVEAWAY

9 days ago, the Mummie family made the BIG move to Florida. We took 2 days to make the 7 hour trip, we had a 26 foot moving truck (driven by my in laws), Me and the girls in Meme (my mini van) and Mr Mummie in his truck. I am sure we were a sight to be seen... After all I did have Tiny as my co pilot.
(Tiny is a special member of our family. Not only did he have shot gun but he was also buckled in. Safety first, Mummies.)

We have officially become Floridians (again)... our Driver's License says so. So I think it is the correct time to have a House Warming PARTY!!!

But me being Mummie... I do not have "normal" parties. Nope. I like to go against the grain and be different. 
True, we may have done all of the hard work: The packing and un packing, the cleaning, the sorting, the "OMG I AM SORE AND TIRED" whining.... and for any "normal" family a house warming party would be people bringing gifts to the newly moved family... but I am not normal (like I said.) So for our house party YOU get a chance to win the gifts!!! 


So this month we will have some giveaways! Yupp.. a month long "house warming party."

First up is my friends over at Undercover Mama!

Mummie's Nummies has been a MAJOR fan of Undercover Mama for a while now. Not only is Undercover Mama a BIG fan of breastfeeding moms... but they are a pretty good fan of Mummie's Nummies as well. They have supported the events I have hosted, without a second thought. They have even hosted a few Mummie's Nummies giveaways with us in the past! They are just over all AHHHHHMAZING.

If you are curious as to what Undercover mama is.... feel free to check out my giveaway/ review... but do not get all excited.. that giveaway has ended.... but you can enter this one!!! (Now you can get excited.)

Follow the yellow brick road and enter! 
Welcome home Mummies!  


Friday, November 8, 2013

Breastfed babies growth charts

There is always some debate on how much babies should weigh. Some doctors will say "your baby is too small" while other doctors will say "I am not worried about his/her weight." The crazy thing is this has been said about the SAME baby... just different doctors. 

It has been proven that most breastfed babies tend to gain weight slower when compared to formula fed babies. Some people will look at that and say "he/she isn't gaining weight." But in all honesty.... it is exactly the opposite. Just because a 3 month old breastfed baby does not weigh the same as a 3 month formula fed baby does NOT mean the breastfed baby is not getting enough. It does not mean the Mummie should "top" him/her off with extra breastmilk or formula. What it does mean is that breastmilk is easily digested and gets absorbed into the body faster and more efficiently than formula. Is this a bad thing? No. All it means is that the "weight gain" should not be compared to a baby who is eating a different form of food. Because, no matter how you look at it, there is a difference between formula and breastmilk. So why do doctors compare breastfed and formula fed babies on the same weight chart?

Some parents do not know that there is actually a very different weight/growth chart for breastfed babies. Not all doctors use the breastfed chart, but they really should and are recommended to do just that. When Pooker was little (and I do mean little.. she was a tiny thing) she was labeled as "poor weight gain." In all honesty this was a true label. At 5 months old she was 13 pounds. She was not even double her birth weight. Now, she did have some health problems which did connect to her low weight gain.... but there was a pretty big discrepancy between what two doctors charted her at. One doctor (her Pediatrician) charted her at BELOW 0%, when her GI Specialist charted her at 5-7% for her age/weight.  Now why is that? Because her Pediatrician  was using the "formula fed growth chart" while her G.I Specialist was using The World Health Organization's breastfed growth chart. The CDC recommends ALL pediatric doctors use the WHO breastfed charts for ALL breastfed patients.  Sadly... not all do. And the difference that both charts create can be the difference between FEAR and normal weight gain.

For example:
A breastfed 3 month old baby girl weighing 12 pounds would be in the 25%  while using the formula fed chart.
BUT the same infant would be in the 50% using the WHO breastfed chart. The differences can be MASSIVE when you are talking about a small baby.

It is best to know what chart to use for YOUR child and you may even want to ask your pediatrician which chart they use. When Kit Kat was little, I asked our breastfeeding friendly pediatrician. She looked at me like I had a million snake heads coming out of my body. I explained what the WHO charts were and she had NO clue. It is always better to ask, to be prepared and to KNOW your stuff.

Below are the WHO charts for boys and girls. Yes.... boys and girls grow at different rates. Remember.... no baby is the same as another. Use these charts as a reference not as your baby bible. Watch YOUR child, be watchful of their milestones not so much their weight or what the scale says. Because just like YOU, your child isn't a number on the scale. They are a person... just smaller. 


Friday, August 16, 2013

Super Undies review and giveaway

**This review has been updated. I was sent the wrong Super Undies, by accident. After some discussion between Super Undies and myself, they agreed to send the correct Bedwetters Panties for me to review.**

Raise your hand if you have a child.
Keep your hand raised if you have a child who goes potty on the potty.
Keep your hand raised if you have a child who goes potty on the potty and wears panties/underwear.

Keep your hand raised if you have a child who goes potty on the potty and wears panties/underwear, but has a hard time staying dry at night.

Now everyone who has their hand raised..... I am SO glad you are here! Keep reading! I have something for you!

The tale of two sisters. Very much alike but very much different. One has the bladder of a horse the other the bladder of a mouse. One stayed dry, all night, starting at the age of 2. The other struggles with night time wetting at the age of 3.

We have tried all of the tricks:
limited water intake after 7 pm. (We do not refuse to give her water, we just do not give her full cups.)
Potty RIGHT before bed
Explain that if she has to go potty to wake us up. But truth be told she has said more than once "I do not remember peeing in my bed" in the morning.

Nothing helps. Some mornings she is bone dry. Some mornings she is a teeny tiny wet. Other mornings she is fully wet. We have YET to find the connection.

So what do you do? Keep them in diapers all night? What do you do when your sweet little 3 year old says "Mommy, do I have to wear a diaper tonight? I don't like it." I will tell you what I did. I looked at Kit Kat and said "No, baby. you do not have to" knowing she would wake up wet the next morning. Sure 'nuf. She was all sorts of wet the following morning. So I did what I always do in messy situations.... I went researching. I have never been a fan of Pull Ups. But after talking to some other Mummies, I thought I might need to rethink my feelings on those. UNTIL I had an "ahhhhh haaa!" moment.

You see, we use to cloth diaper Kit Kat. Yupp, we were a fluffy butt kinda home! So I thought, "there HAS to be a cloth diaper that would work for us NOW!"

You will not believe who I found. A company who fits in SO well with our family. I mean really.... fits in well!


Super Undies have a bed-wetting cloth option that sounded perfect for Kit Kat. 

"These Bedwetting Pants are real waterproof nighttime underwear that are designed to help your child wake up with dry sheets. They come with 4 layers of microfiber absorbency built in, and fleece covered elastic legs and waist for a comfortable, and more leak resistant fit. Excellent for potty training transitional nights, or even for minor child enuresis."
"These Bedwetting Pants (nighttime underwear) can usually handle most levels of wetters, although they may require additional absorbency, or to be changed once through the night. You can use one of our Step-up inserts, a diaper insert that you may already have, a wash rag folded in half or thirds, whatever it takes to add more absorbency in there. Some children can pee 16 oz at a time! Fill up a glass and take a look, that's a lot!"

I contacted Super Undies, asking if they thought they could come to our rescue (pun intended!) We did have some confusion at first. Super Undies sent me a Day Time Trainer panties and I was not aware of the mix up until after I posted this review. Super Undies caught the mistake and told me they did not send me the Bedwetters panties. After some discussion they did agree to send me the correct item for review. Kit Kat got to pick her color.... since she will be the one wearing them! I got to pick her size. I almost went with a small.... since she is a teeny thing. But changed my mind (last minute!) and went with a medium.

(The Bedwetters Super Undies Kit Kat picked.)
(Turned inside out. Nothing but SOFT and ABSORBENT material on the inside.) 

Kit Kat was so excited to get her Super Undies. I let her play around their website and her response "I get one of THESE?! I'm so ahsited!!" (AKA excited.... remember she is 3!)
(The pair Kit Kat picked out!)

My initial thoughts on our Super Undies?  They are super soft and NOT bulky at all. I was thinking they would be like a "normal" cloth diaper and give my no booty girl some.. well... booty. But they are very similar to "regular" panties. They are a bit bigger than panties, but MUCH smaller than cloth diapers. I would say a GREAT half way point between panties and cloth diapers. I also LOVED the fact that there was an extra mesh pouch for an extra insert. 

I washed our pair the next day. SHOCKER.... These Super Undies do NOT require the same washing instructions as cloth diapers! No washing 4-5 times for MAX absorbency. No "specific" washing detergent either. All you have to do it turn inside out, toss in the wash and you can even toss them in the dryer (we opt for the air dry though.) 

Kit Kat kept asking "can I wear them NOW?!"  (She is not known for her patience.) So when I finally said "YUPP!" She was so excited!

Kit Kat has worn her Super Undies (She calls them her "special panties") for a few nights now. We only have one pair, so she has not worn them every night. But, from a Mummie point of view, they are awesome. They fit very well, are MORE similar to "big girl panties" than diapers, they do not feel like a diaper (to me) and they have a GREAT absorbency factor.

The first two nights she was DRY! (Go figure! Although I was super excited about her being dry, I thought "how am I going to review them if she won't pee in them?!" Then I felt horrible for thinking that. So I began jumping up and down with excitement that she was dry for the whole night. But then I stopped when Kit Kat looked at me like I had a million heads with rainbow colored hair.) On the 3rd try, she broke the dam! Her Super Undies were SOAKED on the inside.... but bone dry on the outside! Sweet success!

I did have a slight issue with a "smell." To fix that, I soaked the Super Undies in the washer over night and re washed the next morning.... TADAA no more smell.

But the real test was what Kit Kat thought of them. So I asked her. Now, our sweet Kit Kat is a bit..... imaginative/unique/ highly individual. So I thought I would share her with you all.... instead of just typing what she has to say about Super Undies (how BORING!) I decided it would be fun to let her actually tell you! Here is Kit Kat's personal review of Super Undies:

What can be better than "Blueberries, strawberries and grapes?" Plus, even Kit Kat agrees.... "they're very soft, Mommy" and something about "toe nails".... like I said she is unique. Since my little KK gives her Super Undies two KK thumbs up.... I will give them 2 Nummie Makers up!

So what do you say? Do you have a little one at home who deserves to be a little bit more SUPER?! I am SO happy to announce, Super Undies is giving away one pair of their BedWetters pants! Let your little one pick the color and you pick the size. Then Kit Kat will have a Super Undies side kick!

Enter below using the Super Rafflecopter thingy-majiggy! Giveaway ends on Monday August 26th. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mummie on the radio

So, this morning was fun and exciting. Other than celebrating my 32nd birthday (you can sing to me later) I was also on the radio! This morning I was on my local WXYZ 1270 AM radio station with morning show host David Paul.


I am no stranger with David or his shows. I have been on Cartersville Uncut a couple of times now. But this was my first time on his morning radio show. And of course Mr Mummie (my technical handy love) was able to record our segment, which of course I want to share with you.

BUT first, I wanted to give you some back story. I have been on the radio, HuffPost Live and TV, but all of those were done with a supportive and positive feeling. I knew this time would be slightly different. I knew people would be able to call in and I knew the personality of David Paul. He is a nice guy, but he also likes to be entertaining. SO I knew this interview would be "different." Fun.... but different.

So please, before you listen to the interview, please know that David Paul did not attack me or lead me blindly. We had some fun times on the commercial breaks. Each break he asked if I was "okay" and he would tell me where he was "going" following the break. We were both smiling the WHOLE time.... well... he was smiling when the first caller called in.... me... my heart was pounding (and not in a good way.) "Christian marriage" "bathroom...." "won't ALLOW..."...... what-eva dude!

Not once did I feel uncomfortable during the interview. And I would so go back on his morning show again.

Oh and the 3rd caller is my amazing husband. I did not know he was going to call in... but when I got home he said "that first schmuck was a southern schmuck. I wanted another guy to call in and be supportive." Gosh I love that man.

So remember... no hate mail. David Paul is actually very supportive and he told me he will be coming to our Big Latch On again this year. He knows what is right! He is just a silly man who wants to get people talking.

Enjoy! Click here to listen!


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Big Latch On 2013

Tick-tock! The time is ticking closer to The Big Latch On! Once again I am just amazed at how supportive my community and companies are! From local radio stations and newspapers wanting to hear more, to the BIG hearts of companies (close and far!)

The closer we get to August 3, the more I feel like it is Christmas! I seriously have to give my UPS man some mad props! He has been a busy man bringing me all these goodies! But I wanted to share the Christmas like feeling with y'all (my Sourthen'ness is showing!)

So in case you were needing a reason to be MORE excited about The Big Latch On in Cartersville... Please allow me to give you a BUNCH of reasons!!

Here are some of the prizes and goodies I have for The Big Latch on!

1 door prize (1 Multi Pack)
35 Mummie bags items (regular breast pads)

2 Door prizes!
2 thermal tote bags with Mummie's Nummies "Rock your Journey" phrase

35 Mummie Bags items
"Peace, love Momma milk" stamped charms/keychains/necklaces

1 Door prize
Gift certificate for a personalized item
(The one below is the keychain Susan made for me!)

2 Door prizes 
Teething necklaces
35 Mummie bags items
Nursing bracelet reminders

1 Door prize
Winner will pick her own Undercover Mama shirt!

Prizes to be announced

Prizes to be announced

1 Door prize
Bitybean Carrier
Mummie Bag items

1 Door prize
Gift certificate to one of their on line classes
Mummie Bag items

2 Door Prizes
1 Mummie gift set
1 Baby gift set
35 Mummie bag items

1 Door prize
To be announced
35 Mummie bag items

35 Mummie Bag items

Event photography

35 Mummie bags and items

24 Mummie bag items

Mummie bag items

35 Mummie bag items

Mummie bag items

(Yupp!!! That is me!)
1 Door prize gift pack
(Be excited about this one! This is the first time I will be offering a door prize!!)

Mummie bag items

And.... if you are wanting to see some awesome vendors.... we have you covered too! Some of our vendors include

We will have FREE food and drinks, toys for the little ones to play with, Mummie's Nummies items for sale (limited quantities), breastfeeding support and education, amazing local vendors, community art projects, fun, surprises and of course THE  BIG LATCH ON! 

So get your Nummie Makers ready! Spread the word! Let's see if we can beat our own record from last year! We had 26 Mummies latch on last year.... let's see if we can get over 30!!!!!! 
Rock YOUR breastfeeding journey!


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Full Term breastfeeding on Huff Post Live

Breastfeeding is not new. Neither is full term (aka extended) breastfeeding. Even breastfeeding publicly is not new..... it just went on vacation for a little bit. You see, breastfeeding became a bear in the winter.... you didn't see it but you KNEW it was there.... it was hibernating if you will. Here, let me show you what I mean.

Here is a Mummie breastfeeding in the Victorian Era. Clearly this is not a recent photo and she was not hiding (or hibernating.)

At some point in our history breastfeeding became taboo. A hidden subject that not many women practiced. By the 1950's only 20% of women breastfed their children. So fast forward to present day and women are once again back in the Victorian Era mindset. We know breastfeeding is HIGHLY beneficial to both Mummie and baby. We have the scientific facts to back us up. We also know the longer we breastfeed the better the turn out for everyone. 

Which brings me to my post today. Earlier this week I received an email from Nancy Redd, host on Huff Post Live. (Hi Nancy! You ROCK!!!!) She wanted to do a segment about breastfeeding PAST infancy and breastfeeding older children. She came across my post about breastfeeding a three year old and asked me if I would like to be part of the segment. 
(WHO would turn down Nancy Redd?! I mean really! It was a no brainer.) Within MINUTES of her email I wrote back "UMMMMM YEAH!!!"

So last night Nancy and I along with three child professionals; Jennifer Andersen, Dr. Jay Gordon and 
Jennifer Powell-Lunder . (Notice a theme? I was surrounded by professionals. Two doctors, a known author and me... a Mummie. That was awesome!)

The segment was amazing and I found every breastfeeding Mummies DREAM pediatrician

After the segment was over I was so proud of what I was apart of. To help show the world that breastfeeding older children is NOT bad or even "wrong." That there is NO age limit or expiration date on breastmilk. The whole panel WAS pro breastfeeding. However, one panelist was for an age limit. She believed breastfeeding is wonderful.... but up to a certain age. Jennifer Powell-Lunder was suggesting that at school age, children can be made fun of by their peers, if they find out they are still breastfeeding. She was defending her stance..... BUT offered NO age limit that she felt was "correct" and "appropriate" to end the breastfeeding journey. (You can see for yourself what I am talking about.) That was my only issue with her comments. If you believe there should be an age cut off.... then say what your age cut off is..... She did not have an answer for that. And that did not sit well with me.

I had such a BLAST doing this breastfeeding segment. Please hop on over to Nancy Redd and tell her THANK YOU for supporting breastfeeding (HINT HINT... she was a breastfeeding Mummie too!!!!!)

Rock YOUR breastfeeding journies, Mummies. Never let anyone tell you how your journey should end or WHEN it should end. Follow your heart and your Nummie Lover. YOU know what is best for your family, not the person next to you in line.