Saturday, February 20, 2010

Welcome to Mummies Nummies!

Hello to everyone! My name is Jacky and this is Mummies nummies! I decided to start a breast feeding blog as a way to chronicle all the tricks I have learned along the way. Breast feeding had always been a goal for me and I thought it would be simple.....just pop it out and pop baby on! Man I was wrong!
Our first daughter was born with Silent Reflux and breath needless to say nursing was painful for her. She also did not know how to suck (at all) for the first couple days.
I was bound and determined not to give up. We made it through for 11 months!
I am currently nursing our second daughter (who is 14 weeks old today) and I had to dig up my old tricks (and find new ones) as she also has Reflux. Luckily she is a champion sucker!

This blog will have some of my tricks and stories, news about breast feeding as well as some of your tricks and stories! Please feel free to contact me with any feedback or if you have something you would like to share.

Congrats to every Mummie who makes Nummies!

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