Thursday, February 25, 2010

What is Breastmilk?

To truly understand the amazement of breastmilk you need to know what it is. The Wiki defines breastmilk here.

Breastmilk is the most natural way to feed your baby, it has most of the nutrition your baby needs for as long as you breastfeed. One of the most amazing thing about breastmilk, is that as your baby gets older, your breastmilk automatically changes to fit your baby's growing nutritional needs.

For example: Your milk is very different for your 6 month old than it was when your baby was 2 months old.

Personally, I think breastmilk is similar to a super power! It can shoot across the room (yes it can!), it provides your child with the proper amount of nutrition, never provides too much, and for the time you are nursing........ well let's just say you do not need a breast enlargement! Ohhhhh yes, the power of breastmilk.

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