Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Breast Milk Let Down

Let Down is when your breast milk begins to come out of your nipple, while you are nursing or pumping. Some women have "slow let down", which means that your milk takes a bit longer to come out and other women may have "over active let down", which means that your milk comes out very fast and forceful.

With both of my daughters, we battled instant and overactive let down. Which in their cases caused their reflux to be worse. Before each feeding I began to hand express into a cloth (eventually went to a plastic cup as I was using so many towels) until the let down was less intense. It did help to some extent. My daughters were choking on the milk, due to the amount that was coming out, and hand expressing did stop them from choking.

Also Let Down, whether it be "Slow", "Normal", or "Overactive" can cause discomfort and even a bit of pain in the first few weeks. My daughter, Katelyn, just turned 4 months and I can still feel when Let Down occurs. It feels more like a pinching feeling than pain now.

Did you experience "Slow" or "Overactive Let Down?" If so ,what did you do to correct it?

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