Monday, March 1, 2010

Medicines that are Safe and Not Safe

Oh, to pump and dump? Which medicines are safe to take? This past weekend I was faced with these questions!
I woke up Saturday morning with Vertigo, my second episode in the past 5 years. But having a 22 month old and nursing my 15 week old...... it seemed like a worst case scenario! Being confined to bed, not even being able to sit up and hearing my 22 month old screaming for mommy just about broke my heart.
My dear husband ran to the store, with both babies, and picked up Bonine, theover the counter medicine our doctor said to get. There was a chance it could dry my supply up....but with my oldest daughter screaming for me, I figured one pill would not damage my supply. One hour later, my husband came to check on me. With tears of defeat I told him I took a pill. His face was of shock as he told me the sad news. This medicine, Bonine, had not been tested with breast milk and it was on the undetermined list!
So needless to say I had to pump for the next 24 hours (suggested by my husband's sister in law who is a pharmacist) and dump the 30 ounces I had pumped! (well my husband did the dumping, I just can not pour breast milk down the sink.)
The saddest part of this story? The medicine did not even help!
The next question... will I take this medicine again? NO WAY! Both Katelyn and I were so happy to nurse again. I think she missed it as much as I did!

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