Monday, March 8, 2010

Woman Arrested for Spraying Cop with Breastmilk

A special thanks goes to one of our "Nummie Mummies" for sending me this article that was posted on Fox News.

A Kentucky woman was charged with assault after she allegedly squirted breast milk into the face of a deputy, sparking online debate Sunday in the local media.

Toni Tramel, 31, was arrested Thursday for public intoxication in Owensboro, WYMT-TV reported, but it is what she did next which has attracted headlines.

As Tramel changed into an inmate uniform, she squirted a stream of breastmailk into the face of the female deputy watching over her.

A press release from the Daviess County, Kentucky, Detention Center, said that after the deputy decontaminated herself from the "bio-hazard", Tramel was charged with third degree assault.

While the public drunkenness was merely a misdemeanor offense, the assault is a felony charge and a US$10,000 bond was set.

Reports of the case have sparked debates about whether using breast milk as a weapon should constitute a felony assault case, with many readers likening it to an accused person spitting on an officer.

Also sparking feedback has been the use of the term "bio-hazard" to describe breast milk.

Now, I would not want some lady to spray me with her breast milk, but to call it a "bio-hazard" is a bit of a stretch. I also hope that woman was not planning on nursing her baby, as she was intoxicated. Hey maybe this was her way to pump and dump!

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  1. When I read the post I had to laugh! It is funny when I picture it in my mind... tried to imagine me doing that... hahaha no way I could do that embarrassing behavior. I don't even drink so there's no way it can happen.


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