Monday, April 5, 2010

Breastfeeding Could Save Lives

Thanks to Jo Ann for sending me this article!

This article is FULL of great info! It is such a positive article for breastfeeding moms! love the idea of 90% of women to breastfeed their babies....but unlike Dr. Larry Gray, a University of Chicago pediatrician, I do not think that number is feasible. Sadly, I feel that some women who do not breastfeed, choose not to do it for their own reasons. Some women do have medical reasons as to why they can not breastfeed, but the women who do not even attempt to have other reasons. To some of these women, education may work. But to the majority, they already have their minds made up.
To know how many lives could be saved, is just amazing! This quote was shocking to me...
About 43 percent of U.S. mothers do at least some breast-feeding for six months, but only 12 percent follow government guidelines recommending that babies receive only breast milk for six months.

I was in that 12% with our youngest and am currently in that same percentile. I was curious to see what percent of women nurse past 6 months. This number was study said only 7%!

So what are your feelings?

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