Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What are your latching tips?

Joslyn, my oldest daughter, had a horrible time latching on. Poor darling did not know how to do it, let alone know what to do when she finally was latched on. We went through months of improper first, second, and even third latches!

One amazing tip, given to me by the MOST AMAZING LACTATION CONSULTANT (I have mentioned her previously....From Children's Healthcare of Atlanta), was how to help form the ever beautiful "Duck Bill" mouth.

You should be able to see your baby's upper lip, when they are latched on. If not........simply do this trick. I do it with my current Mummies Nummies Lover and it works like a charm!

While your baby is latched on, do not be afraid to take one of your fingers (or you thumb) and gently lift up on your baby's upper lip. That's all!!!

What are/were your Perfect Latch tips?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

My first week with cloth diapers

I have to be initial feelings on cloth diapers were "no way! Who would use those now?"

But I have completely changed my mind! Yesterday was my Day 5 Cloth Diaper celebration! I just love them! I know...crazy right?!

When I brought up using cloth diapers to my husband, he asked if it would just be more work for me. I thought about it and said "I do a ton of laundry anyway...what is one more load?" But after I said that, I thought....ONE MORE LOAD?! But is really no harder than using disposable diapers. One more step, sure, but not much more work.

I started my week with 2 Flip cloth diapers and 3 inserts. I also have 2 dozen Gerber Cloth diapers (used as burb bibs originally.) Now the Gerber diapers are not the best...I found I have to double up on those and they need to be changed more often than the Flip inserts. But they do work.

I had a difficult time figuring what to do with the soiled diapers, but I found this great website that helped BIG TIME! Every morning I fill up a big bowl with cold water and sprinkle in some Baking Soda. This serves as my Wet Bucket. Each soiled diapers goes in there to soak. Then at night, before bed, I fill our washing machine with cold water, mix in more Baking Soda and have the diapers soak in there over night. Then first thing in the morning I start the washer on the spin cycle. Then I use HOT water, a little detergent and do a small load. It really is so very simple! By the time they are done washing and drying, morning naps are over and it is diaper changing time.

I would say that my baby is a part time cloth diaper baby.  She gets put into a disposable diaper at night and for the first morning change. But after that, she is all cloth baby! I am surprised how much I love the fact that she is in cloth diapers! I never thought I would be proud to say, YEAH FOR CLOTH DIAPERS!

What about poopy diapers, you may be thinking. Yeah, I was concerned about those too. But thankfully, Katelyn is a noisy pooper! She pooped in her Flip diapers 3 times so far and all I did was grab it with a wipey and flush the poopy away! And the insert was not stained!

So at the end of week 1....... Will I be using cloth diapers still? You betcha! In fact, I have already decided which ones I am buying next!  Econobum Full Kit - One Size here I come!

I highly recommend Cloth Diapers to any mommy. I find myself saying the same thing other moms have said......"I wish I knew about these cloth dipaers with my oldest daughter!!!!"

Monday, June 21, 2010

A new look on Cloth Diapers

So, I thought I would take a small step to the side and mention that I am trying cloth diapers for the first time! I know my blog is about breastfeeding...but if you think about it, cloth diapers and breastfeeding do have two things in common....they are both FANTASTIC for the environment and they have both been around for ages!

Cloth diapers? Aren't those just fabric and safety pins?!  OH MY GOSH NO WAY! I was so wrong!
Cloth diapers have, in a sense, been reinvented! Take the Flip Diaper with stay dry insertfor example. They are very much different than I thought they would be!

They are One Size (OS) cloth diapers that grow with your child, from 8 lbs up to 35 lbs. (Which is great!)

They have 3 different kinds of cloth inserts, Stay Dry, Organic, and Disposable. I choose the Stay Dry for my test run. Each insert has three prefolds for the size Small, Medium and Large. So it makes it super easy to fit the insert in to the diaper. There are also flaps in the front and back to hold the insert in.

The inserts are so very soft, that you can not help but touch it (....but please enjoy this softness while they are clean!)

The outer diaper "shell" is the only one of its kind! It can be easily wiped clean and reused, without having to wash the whole diaper every time!

I was hesitant about the legs holes, I thought for sure we would have a leaky problem, but so far, on day one, no leaks!

As you can see, I purchased the Zinnia color. I plan on giving it one full week, and if I am as happy with them then, I will buy more! Now my 7 month old super baby model, Katelyn, is not crawling yet. So I am not sure if these diapers will bunch while crawling. But previous reviews on the Flip diapers say a little bunching might be expected.

So there you have it, this Cloth Diaper Virgin has stepped out of her shell!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Exlusive breast feeding....

To many people "Exclusive Breastfeeding" means no pumping and breast only. But to me, "Exclusive Breastfeeding" means 100% breastmilk with no formula supplement. I do not think it matters how the baby gets the breastmilk, meaning breast or bottle, as long as they get it.

Who cares if your baby gets all breastmilk bottles or straight from you breast......Don't worry yourself about the means............ The benefits of Mummie's Nummies are all the same!

So to all of you pumping Mummies......PUMP YOUR HEARTS OUT!  (Or should I say your Mummie's Nummies out! hehe)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Do you NIP?

So lately there has been a large amount of attention to Nursing In Public (NIP.) It seems the news media is trying to bring awareness about the importance and the right to breastfeed......some place other than at home or in a (CRINGE) bathroom! But yet, some people still have a negative outlook on it. In one article, I read recently, someone commented how Nursing In Public is like public urination!!!!! WHAT?! REALLY?!

Here is a new article about the power of a Mummie who defends her rights and gets results!

So where do you stand? I all of the sudden feel the urge to NIP every feeding! I have not had a negative comment....I have had one bad look, but the old lady did not have the nerve to say anything to me. (good thing! She could not see anything anyways.)

Let's hear what you have to say.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Stem Cells in Breastmilk

This article is short....but very interesting. I wonder what other unknown surprises they will find Breastmilk has!!!
What do you all think of this? We know how AMAZING colostrum is and how important it is in the first few days........but this is just a wonderful find!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy June!!!!!

In honor of the first day of June....I have a breastfeeding funny for you!!!!!!!

This great comic strip is Baby Blues. ENJOY!!!!
Happy June!