Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What are your latching tips?

Joslyn, my oldest daughter, had a horrible time latching on. Poor darling did not know how to do it, let alone know what to do when she finally was latched on. We went through months of improper first, second, and even third latches!

One amazing tip, given to me by the MOST AMAZING LACTATION CONSULTANT (I have mentioned her previously....From Children's Healthcare of Atlanta), was how to help form the ever beautiful "Duck Bill" mouth.

You should be able to see your baby's upper lip, when they are latched on. If not........simply do this trick. I do it with my current Mummies Nummies Lover and it works like a charm!

While your baby is latched on, do not be afraid to take one of your fingers (or you thumb) and gently lift up on your baby's upper lip. That's all!!!

What are/were your Perfect Latch tips?

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