Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Have a toddler running around while nursing a newborn?

So a friend secretly sent me a message this morning and let me in on her secret! She has two children, one in grade school and the other an infant, and she just found out she is PREGGERS!!!!! WAHOO to her!

She has some fears about what to expect and asked if I had some insight. Breastfeeding, for her, was not as successful as she had hoped for but she is excited to try it again. (hurray!)

So it got me thinking. Her two youngest babies will not be that far off from mine...maybe by a few months or so. That got me thinking what I did in the early days while nursing Katelyn and having Joslyn running around.

So here are some tips:

* give your toddler something to munch on while your little one is nursing, fruit or other hand held food works well!

* let your toddler watch! Joslyn loved to snuggle against me while Katelyn nursed (in the early months.)  This will help them understand what is going on and will help them feel not so left out.

* (As much as some parents will hate this next one) turning on the tv to watch a favorite cartoon for a few moments wont hurt. This might give your toddler some quiet time that he or she needs.

* don't be scared if your toddler shows some curiosity! Joslyn would watch Katelyn nurse and seemed to want to join in, but she could not figure out how. (hehe) She would eventually caress Katelyn's head just so she could feel like she was helping.

* let your toddler feed her (or his) baby doll like mommy feeds her/his baby sibling. It is super cute, a great photo op, and a way for the big sissy (or brother) to feel important! Or if you are uncomfy with your son doing this then ignore this tip.

* Lastly......take the time to explain to your toddler what you are doing. Do not ignore this time. It is a great moment to explain "mommy is feeding the baby......" this way it is as normal to your toddler as it is to your new baby.

How about you? Do you have any tips? If so please share them below!!!!

Oh and congrats to my secret friend!

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  1. This reminds me of when I was feeding Caleb. Haliegh didn't care so much when he would latch, but she loved to watch me pump. I would explain to her what the pump was doing and why. I would also explain to her what my nipple was and how the milk came out. One day, at the store, she proceeded to tell anyone who would listen what mommies nipples do when they are in the milk pump!


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