Monday, July 19, 2010

Just when you think all is worked out....WHAM!

So after nursing my current Nummies lover for the past 8 months and fixing (well really tolerating) Over Active Letdown, I thought we had reached a great point in our nursing relationship. Let me tell you how wrong that statement is!

Katelyn has not nursed at night since she was 7 weeks old, so you can imagine how much milk I have when I wake up in the morning. She normally has no problem nursing first thing, but she also does not empty me out either. So typically, after she is done, I will hand express some milk, into a towel, to relieve some of the pressure. This morning was no different. But come the next feeding, I found myself to be a bit fuller on the side she ended on earlier that morning. Sure enough after one minute into her feeding, she pulled off and began screaming. As I looked down I saw such a stream of breastmilk that made my eyes fly open! I counted 7 (YES SEVEN) streams of quickly flowing breastmilk, shooting out of me and going in every direction! Up, over, down, straight name the direction, it was going there.

Now I have had this happen countless of times, but never that many streams at once. I remember being IMPRESSED at 5 streams! But oh my gosh! SEVEN?!

Well to say that Katelyn was not impressed is an understatement. It was clearly causing her discomfort and pain. But she so desperately wanted to nurse, as she kept going back to latch on, but would turn her head and scream some more. So there we sat, her screaming, me covering the 7 streams of agony, and my 2 year old saying "mommy....sissy?!" over and over again. This lasted for about ten minutes! Finally my stream had stopped, Katelyn regained her sweetness and we tried again.

AHHHHHH it worked! She was happily latched on with her eyes closed, hugging her snuggly blanket.

So the next time I say I have overcome over active let down, I will force myself to picture 7 streams shooting in every direction, with a screaming baby trying to escape! (Ever hear a crying baby helps your letdown occur? Well it is TRUE!!!!!)

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