Wednesday, August 11, 2010

National Institute for Infant Nutrion

I received a rather odd questionnaire in the mail yesterday. It was from the National Institute  for Infant Nutrition. My first thought was "what the heck is this?!" This paper asked questions about how the youngest baby in my home eats and how often.

I began to read the paper work when a separate paper fell out full of every different kind of infant formula and pictures of the containers. I looked closer at the paperwork and saw it was more about formula feeding, with only two questions regarding breastfeeding. I was immediately bothered that infant formula seemed to be the highest priority and breastmilk barely mentioned.

So I thought that I would fill it out and make my breastmilk known! But after researching this "institute" I am under the understanding that it is a false place. I found this thread and thought you would like to know.

I have decided not to send my paper back, if this is a ploy from the formula companies....I refuse to play. Like I have said before, on this blog, I AM NOT against formula. However I am against crazy games that they can play. I will do more research and will let you know what I find out......has anyone seen this "institute" before?

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