Monday, September 27, 2010

Breastfeeding laws by state

Here is a great link to learn what your State laws are regarding breastfeeding!

So take a is pretty interesting!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Katie Perry skit on Sesame Street

Katie Perry was supposed to appear on Sesame Street with Elmo, but producers have canceled the airing.  They said it was due to "several of the kids saw her and thought she was a wet nurse."

UMMMMMM okay. Here is the article explaining their side.

But here is a different article (with the now canned segment) that shows a SHOCKINGLY semi naked Perry!

My thoughts?  I kept saying "this is a spoof!!!! RIGHT?! It has to be a spoof...... OMG it is NOT!!!!!!!"

Yuck! How could they even think her outfit was appropriate to begin with?!I In front of a young, live studio audience?! Really? Come on!

What do you think?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Formula being recalled

So it seems that Similiac Infant formula is being recalled, "after beetles were found in the products and in a Michigan plant where they are made." (Ummmm, yuck!!!!)

So I began wondering how many other times formula was recalled. I remember a few years ago a China Infant formula was recalled due to melamine contamination.  Now, thankfully, that formula was not sold in the U.S, but after some research (and Similac's newest "scandal") I found other recalls.

In 2009, Neonate Infant formula was recalled "Due to a one-time blending error, Neocate contained protein levels lower than that declared on the label."

In 2006, Gentlease Infant formula was recalled because it "was found to contain metal particles, consisting of up to 2.7 millimeter in size."

I also found this info from

It is so difficult to understand why these mistakes happen. Formula companies are NOTORIOUS for stating that their formula "is just as good as breastmilk." Really?! Because I know my breastmilk does not contain bug parts or dangerous chemicals.

How are we suppose to trust them? What about the moms who can not medically breastfeed, and have no other option? Sure Milk Banks are a great idea.....but what if that is not an option either?

Just too sad!!!!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

I did it! I gave them up!

Okay, so I have reached a major milestone! I gave up my NURSING BRAS!!!!! Yupp, I did it! I have been using them since my now 2 yr old was nursing! I have HIGHLY recommended nursing bras to every new bfing mummie, but now I am OVER THEM!

Sure, they were wonderful when I was learning how to nurse my babies, but I got so tired of seeing the top corner of the bra cup! No matter what I wore, unless a sweater, you could always see the tip of it!

Now maybe I just had extra wide nursing bras, I don't know, but I went out this weekend and bought real bras! (under wire free, I must add.) And man does it feel GOOD!!!

Now you can't see my bra corners (although I used to wear that with pride! Seeing the little cup clip seemed a indiscreet way to say "Yeah I breastfeed!") and I don't feel the need to look down to check and see if my bra is playing "peek a boo!"


(disclaimer.....I still have my nursing bras and wear them during the week when the girls and I hang out at home......I can not get rid of them......I mean these things have seen me through many Mummie's Nummies Moments! hehe)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shopping cart covers

So, I have to admit something......(stands up from the crowd and stands in the front of the room....) Yes I am a self diagnosed germaphob. (Phew, that felt good!)

Along with having a paci sanitizer (mixed with a mouthwash and water combo), Bleach wipes in the diaper bag, plastic table top covers for those times we eat out, we also have (amongst a million other things) shopping cart covers.

I never really thought about what we would do when Joslyn needed to be moved into the bigger part of the shopping cart. But as my current Nummie Lover is 9 months seems silly to keep her in her car seat while we shop around. But I REFUSE to put Joslyn in a cart....ummmmm....unprotected.

Looking around on the internet I found NOTHING! What am I going to do????? Well in a moment of TAAADAAAA'ness, it hit me! Why not use a twin size fitted bed sheet?!

Now I have seen some moms use the front shopping cart cover......but never have I seen anyone protect the kids sitting in the bigger part. (There is probably a reason for that......and I just might be crazy) But I decided to try it!

So today the girls and I decided to try our.....experiment.

SUCCESS!!!!! Germaphobs UNITE!