Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Formula being recalled

So it seems that Similiac Infant formula is being recalled, "after beetles were found in the products and in a Michigan plant where they are made." (Ummmm, yuck!!!!)

So I began wondering how many other times formula was recalled. I remember a few years ago a China Infant formula was recalled due to melamine contamination.  Now, thankfully, that formula was not sold in the U.S, but after some research (and Similac's newest "scandal") I found other recalls.

In 2009, Neonate Infant formula was recalled "Due to a one-time blending error, Neocate contained protein levels lower than that declared on the label."

In 2006, Gentlease Infant formula was recalled because it "was found to contain metal particles, consisting of up to 2.7 millimeter in size."

I also found this info from

It is so difficult to understand why these mistakes happen. Formula companies are NOTORIOUS for stating that their formula "is just as good as breastmilk." Really?! Because I know my breastmilk does not contain bug parts or dangerous chemicals.

How are we suppose to trust them? What about the moms who can not medically breastfeed, and have no other option? Sure Milk Banks are a great idea.....but what if that is not an option either?

Just too sad!!!!!!

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