Monday, September 20, 2010

I did it! I gave them up!

Okay, so I have reached a major milestone! I gave up my NURSING BRAS!!!!! Yupp, I did it! I have been using them since my now 2 yr old was nursing! I have HIGHLY recommended nursing bras to every new bfing mummie, but now I am OVER THEM!

Sure, they were wonderful when I was learning how to nurse my babies, but I got so tired of seeing the top corner of the bra cup! No matter what I wore, unless a sweater, you could always see the tip of it!

Now maybe I just had extra wide nursing bras, I don't know, but I went out this weekend and bought real bras! (under wire free, I must add.) And man does it feel GOOD!!!

Now you can't see my bra corners (although I used to wear that with pride! Seeing the little cup clip seemed a indiscreet way to say "Yeah I breastfeed!") and I don't feel the need to look down to check and see if my bra is playing "peek a boo!"


(disclaimer.....I still have my nursing bras and wear them during the week when the girls and I hang out at home......I can not get rid of them......I mean these things have seen me through many Mummie's Nummies Moments! hehe)

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