Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shopping cart covers

So, I have to admit something......(stands up from the crowd and stands in the front of the room....) Yes I am a self diagnosed germaphob. (Phew, that felt good!)

Along with having a paci sanitizer (mixed with a mouthwash and water combo), Bleach wipes in the diaper bag, plastic table top covers for those times we eat out, we also have (amongst a million other things) shopping cart covers.

I never really thought about what we would do when Joslyn needed to be moved into the bigger part of the shopping cart. But as my current Nummie Lover is 9 months seems silly to keep her in her car seat while we shop around. But I REFUSE to put Joslyn in a cart....ummmmm....unprotected.

Looking around on the internet I found NOTHING! What am I going to do????? Well in a moment of TAAADAAAA'ness, it hit me! Why not use a twin size fitted bed sheet?!

Now I have seen some moms use the front shopping cart cover......but never have I seen anyone protect the kids sitting in the bigger part. (There is probably a reason for that......and I just might be crazy) But I decided to try it!

So today the girls and I decided to try our.....experiment.

SUCCESS!!!!! Germaphobs UNITE!


  1. Interesting. I was just planning on baby wearing, but I didn't consider about if/when I have two children. Good idea, but what about groceries? do they go in the same cart?

  2. hi Amy!

    I babywear too....I love doing that! When the girls and I go is only to get a few items as our big shopping trip is on Sundays. But the bottom rack of the shopping cart is helpful and my two year old likes to hold stuff, so she helps too.

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. Very creative Jacky! Being a NICU nurse has turned me into a big germaphob, too. Hmmm...this sounds like a great new product idea :-)

  4. Ummm, I have 3 children and don't put any in the grocery part of the cart. Where would I put the groceries?

    I usually babywear the youngest (18mo) and the 4yo sits in the front of the cart while the 7yo walks. Or 2 youngest sit in the front & oldest walk. Or youngest sits in the front of the cart & two oldest walk.

    I have never bought a cart cover - I just use my sling or pouch.

  5. I hold my kids in all different types of ways when I am shopping. I like the kid carts. Sanitize them and go :) The kids like to ride in the car attached to the cart or can ride in the part attached to the cart by the front. THen my groceries can go in the cart with no problems.

    If none of those carts are available I can hold my 9 month old in his sling and the 2 year old can go up front.. or he likes to "hold on tight" which means he wants to hold on the end and stand on it. Or he walks to the side of the cart :)


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