Friday, October 15, 2010

My story of loss

Today is "pregnancy and infant loss awareness day". To many people it is just another Friday, but to many it is a special day of remembrance. I am in that category. It is a day to remember our first two babies (both lost in the first trimester), a day to remember the first dreams of being a parent, and a day to remember all of the babies who are now angels.

Our first two babies were lost 5 months apart.

Our first baby, Lima Bean, (left us at 7.5 weeks) was a missed miscarriage. My body kept on "being pregnant" until 9 weeks before I began to bleed. I needed to have a D&C three days after my miscarriage was confirmed.

Our second baby, Baby Heart, (left us at 6.5 weeks) was a "normal" miscarriage. Both babies had heartbeats and grew normally, but sadly were not strong enough to make it.

So today, I light two candles. To show our first two babies that they will never be forgotten. They are still loved  and will remain part of our family.

Lover Bean - October 2006
Baby Heart - March 2007

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