Sunday, October 17, 2010

No you may not, mommy!

Nursing Katelyn has been very different than when I nursed Joslyn. Besides the whole Reflux thing, what I was able to do with Joslyn I am NOT allowed to do with Katelyn.

With Katelyn, she FORBIDS me from having ANY form of conversation. If I do attempt to talk, she will detach herself (and not very nicely) and refuse to continue on that side.
Now this rule does apply to herself. She is exempt from this rule and she is allowed to have conversations (perhaps with herself or maybe my "biddy") without punishment.

Also, Joslyn would ever so nicely remove herself when she was finished and snuggle with me for a few more minutes. Katelyn is sooooooo opposite! When she is done, she will remove herself (sometimes not so nicely)  and turn herself over (very similar to an alligator rolling with her meal......yeah really!) and try to escape!

Awwwwww the joys of breastfeeding!!! hehe

How about you? What rules does your little one have?


  1. It is so cute to see the different personality aspects of children. Being a mother, I'm sure you'll never have seen it all! I look forward to motherhood so much, thanks for sharing your experiences.

  2. Thank you for your comment! Watching each child have their own personality is so much fun! Our girls are very similar in some aspects, but SOOO very different in others! Good luck with your new role as Mummie, and come back to visit us at Mummies Nummies!


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