Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy 1st birthday!!!!

So my Kit Kat turned ONE on Sunday! YIKES!!!! It has really been one year since she was born! We had a great time! A friend of mine, over at Twin Mommas, made beautiful decorations for the celebration! Here are some pictures!

I am so happy to say that I am now known as an extended breastfeeder! This is a first for me, as Pooker stopped nursing at 11 months old. But I am just so excited that we have hit the one year mark and are still going strong!!!!!!! (I do not pat myself on the back very often......but I am right now!!!!!)

Happy first birthday to our second miracle and one mummie's nummies lover!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Our family vacation

We took the girls to Disney World last week, and what a great time we had!!! From meeting Minnie Mouse to riding Figment, the girls had such a blast! Pooker was so excited to see "her" castle, it was all she could talk about!

I have to say that I nursed in MANY different places, rides, and countries (thanks to Epcot.)
Let me see if I can remember everywhere I NIP'ed Kit Kat.........

It's a Small World ride
Chef Mickey's Restaurant
Outside Cinderella's Castle
On the Boat in the Countries at Epcot
Walking by Mexico (YES I SAID WALKING!!!! Yeah for me!) 
Standing up at the bus pick up (while it was POURING..and yes I said standing!!!!! Again yeah me!!)
Inside the Nursing Station at The Magic Kingdom (what a great place!)
Rafiki's Train at Animal Kingdom
Turtle Talk with Crush
Benches, benches, benches, benches!
and I know a bunch more....but that is all I can think of.

I have to say it was such a great experience NIP'ing at Disney. I did cover up, as much as Kit Kat would allow, and I did not get any bad looks! But sadly I only noticed one other Mummie NIP'ing! (To be fair it was my husband who noticed her and showed me! COOL HUH?!)

I had to stop to congratulate and thank her! I explained I nurse my baby too, and she was the only other NIP'ing Mummie I saw the whole trip. She said that she had not seen anyone NIP'ing either! So it was great to see!

We did not get any pics of me NIP'ing (looking back I wish we did...) but we got this great video! 

Where have you NIP'ed while on vacation?