Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Formula for nursing moms?!

Sounds kinda funny, right? But wait until you hear who is marketing it.......SIMILAC!
Yup, so it seems pregnant and nursing moms need an adult "formula" in order to get the needed nutrition to remain healthy.

UMMMMMMMM don't prenatal vitamins and a balanced diet do that for us?

Here is Similac's website.....
Silly to about you?


  1. rofl.. they are desperate to sell formula to every household. If we refuse it for our children they will order us to drink it!! LOL forgive me nak..:)

  2. go ahead and do what you gotta do! hehe
    A bit silly to me, but some moms will buy it up I am sure!

  3. LOL- I had to comment, esp. because the article asked "Would you buy this product?" I told them certainly not. That's ridiculous!


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