Sunday, January 2, 2011

Breast feeding support under attack

For many new moms (and not so new moms) breastfeeding does not come easy. Even if you have breastfed ten children, your eleventh breastfed child will prove to be different from the rest. For me, I am lucky to have an amazingly supportive husband however he never breastfed a baby.

Support is the number one key in breastfeeding. If moms do not have support, they are most lucky to give up due to frustration or nerves. The internet has become one of the BEST ways to find the support moms need. Not only can we find tips, but we can also find other moms with the same issues and can work through them together.

So it saddens me when one of these support groups becomes under attack and is removed, taking away (perhaps the only) source of support some moms have.

Facebook has removed a breastfeeding support page called The Leaky B@@b. They said that she violated the terms, but did not go into anymore detail. Facebok has removed many breastfeeding support pages after someone has reported their photos as being offensive. The creator of the page, Jessica, has exploded in the world of online breastfeeding support in the past year, having thousands of fans "liking" her page. I have been a fan of her page for eight months, and I am amazed at the amount of moms who go to her page asking for help and showing their support. It is amazing to see moms banding together in the names of our children's best health.

Breatsfeeding photos should be considered art, we are not exposing ourselves in any sexual manner. So the thought of any breastfeeding photo being considered "offensive" is a mystery to me. The public opinion about breastfeeding is somewhat negative. People think it should be done behind closed doors, some find it "gross", while others question why we continue to breastfeed past one year. It is only when breastfeeding moms unite that we are called crazy lactivists who attack all other moms who do not do as they do.

Education is important in this (what some people are calling) battle. Yes, we do feel strongly that breast milk is the best for all children. We do unite when a fellow nursing mom is being attacked. We band together as we should to, once again do what is so incredibly important when it comes to breastfeeding.......... we SUPPORT each other.

So to the creator of The Leaky B@@b...... stay strong there momma! We support you.......... We know breastfeeding is beautiful and natural. We are not ashamed to stand up and say  BREASTFEEDING IS NOT A VIOLATION OF TERMS, BREASTFEEDING IS NOT OBSCENE!

If you would like to show your support, you can go here  and "like" the page. It seems MANY other moms have found that support is THE KEY!!!!!

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