Friday, January 14, 2011

Breast milk not the best?!

So I did not plan on posting anything today......but this news artcle
made it on the front page of Yahoo!

So first let me say that this left me speechless. It seems that this British study says that exclusive breastfeeding, for the first 6 months, can do more harm than good. Stating that
babies fed only breast milk could suffer iron deficiency and may be more prone to allergies.

It then continued to say that
"Many Western countries, including 65 percent of European member states and the United States, elected not to follow this recommendation fully, or at all," the authors said, although Britain did.

The WHO recommendation "rested largely" on a review of 16 studies, including seven from developing countries.

It concluded that babies given only breast milk for six months had fewer infections and experienced no growth problems.

But another review of 33 studies found "no compelling evidence" not to introduce solids at four to six months, the experts said.

Some studies have also shown that breastfeeding for six months fails to give babies all the nutrition they need.

One US study from 2007 found that babies exclusively breastfed for six months were more likely to develop anaemia than those introduced to solids at four to six months.

The article holds some pretty strong words....maybe not against breastfeeding in general....but against exclusive breastfeeding.

If I am correct (and please correct me if I am wrong) infant cereal contains little to no health benefits. The main reason to begin infant cereal is to get babies use to texture. Now that being said, shouldn't infant cereal be given first? also, I thought previous studies found giving infants food before 6 months raised risks of allergies.

Any thoughts?


  1. The reason for waiting until 6 mos is because a baby's gut isn't fully developed until somewhere between 4-6 mos. it differs from baby to baby and since we can't look inside each baby to see when that happens, it's best to wait 6 mos. The gut has little holes in it when the baby is born and therefore anything you put into baby's body can potentially get out undigested into their system, possibly leading to allergies later in life. Another pro for breastfeeding is that colostrum is full of secretory immunoglobulin A, which works to seal those holes, and babies who never get that colostrum have guts that never fully close, leading to problems in adulthood like colitis, ulcers, crones disease....
    Most infant cereal is iron fortified, which is why they are pushing it as a remedy for anemia.

    Hope that helps, and forgive my typos and spelling errors, my little ones have let it be known that I should type fast before they turn the house upside down:)

  2. Thank you Courtney! So nice to have you around!!!!!!!


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