Sunday, January 30, 2011

Breastfeeding to reduce SIDS

I came across this post by The Man-Nurse Diaries..... He posts about Brian Palmer's website and how important breast feeding is (like this is new?) However, Brian Palmer is a dentist and he has a whole section dedicated to breastfeeding, on his website.

What is so fascinating about what The Man-Nurse Diaries writes about is how the whole nipple vs bottle (not really breastmilk vs formula) comparison is broken down.

We all know that breastfeeding reduces the risk for SIDS (and if you remember our oldest daughter suffered from Silent Reflux and Breath Apnea at only 3 days old) so SIDS is a very REAL fear for us.  To be honest we still use the motion monitor for Kit Kat and only stopped using Pooker's about a month ago when she went to a big girl bed. So yes.... a very real fear for us.

I enjoyed this article, all facts aside, because it was a different take on the breastmilk vs formula debate.  Brian Palmer talks about breast nipples vs bottle nipples, how they are different and the benefits human nipples have for our babies.  It was nice to read an article talking about breast nipples and not comparing breastmilk and formula (we know there is no comparison.... but it was nice reading something different!)

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