Thursday, January 27, 2011

Is she doing what I think she is doing?

Hi Mummies, it is Jacky..... and I have a rant today for you.

I have been thinking about how to write about this for some time now. To be honest, I am not sure exactly where this is going to go...... so I am just going to let my fingers keep on going.

When we are out and about and Katelyn needs to eat, I try to feed her in the car. Not because I am ashamed of nursing my 14 month old, but because it is just more convenient for us. Joslyn gets to watch a movie in the back seat, my husband can catch up on work emails from his phone (weekend emails are common) and there is little distraction for my distracted nummie lover. Now that being said...... I still do attempt to cover up (what Katelyn will allow) simply for the fact that I feel comfortable doing so. Now I understand that being nosy is part of being human, but what about being OMG critical?

The other weekend, we were all sitting in the car at our local food store. I was happily nursing Kit Kat in the front passenger seat, Pooker was watching her "castle" movie (Cinderella) in the back and my husband was going through emails on his phone. I happened to look out the front window and saw a young couple walking by (very slowly) talking and looking at me. Now I always give people the benefit of the doubt, and smile at them as they try to figure out what I am doing. But this couple seemed to do nothing but glare and give me such disgusted looks. I was so bothered by their faces, that I could not even speak to say something to my husband. (Which by the way he would have said something to them. Sweet huh?!)

Now I do  not know if this young couple have children, my gut says no, so they can't possibly understand what it is like to have babies. I also understand that the young crowd tends to be a bit more outspoken in their feelings and expressions.. But seriously?! Nothing was showing, except for a little hand and arm waving her little Snuggly (blanket) in the air (if it was a white blanket it would have looked like a surrender flag!) So it just boggles my mind how they could be so disgusted by what I was doing. By the way when I say DISGUSTED I mean horrified by what they saw. Like I was feeding my child nasty worms from the bottom of a public trash bin.

I do not know what is worse...... a situation like that, when the people say nothing but give you the look of death. Or when someone has the BALLS to come up to you and make a comment. Now I have not come across the second situation (yet) but at least you have the opportunity to defend yourself. Which brings up another irritating question..... why do we have to defend ourselves?!

I would like to think that I gave that young couple a look that they wont soon forget........ but I can not say for sure that I did. I wanted to shout out the window after them...... but for one it was a cold morning and two my distracted Nummie Lover would have ended our session too early.

So there is my rant for the day. When will it become the "norm" for people to just keep on walking and keep their nose out of other people's business? Oh to live in a world where you are not ridiculed for breastfeeding your baby in public. How sad........ I feel like I need a special permit to breastfeed in public sometimes.
Like a sign that says "yupp don't look...... my baby has my booby in her mouth...... and she likes it!"
Or how about "I AM doing what you think I am doing.... deal with it!"
ohhh how about "Don't like what you see? LOOK AWAY!"


  1. I think that it is so sad that people have a problem with a woman breastfeeding her child. What exactly is the problem? You are feeding you baby... so what! Good Lord! It is so incredibly frustrating... I cant wait for the day someone has the nerve to say something to me... cause they will get a piece of my mind! haha

  2. thank you! I sometimes do not react as fast as I feel I should....I over think things!


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