Sunday, January 2, 2011

Too distracted to eat

Kit Kat is now 13 months old and she finds other things more interesting while she nurses. I found it harder and harder to entice her back to "finish" until I realized that holding a toy worked like a charm. Before feeding time, I grab a small toy and hide it from her. When she becomes distracted (either from her big sissy, our dog or my husband) I show her the toy and she happily holds it while she latches back on and finishes.

You can also use a nursing necklace.... those work like a charm too!

Now, I have learned from mistakes........

1. Use SOFT toys (a big OUCH when she hit me with a plastic block)

2. Use small toys that can be held easily with small hands......the bigger the toy the harder it is to hold in one hand

3. Do not use toys that make sounds...... it creates a different distraction.  Sounds like common sense. I know........ But this did not occur to me until after I gave her a toy that made crazy animal sounds!!!!

Do you have any tips on how to keep a nummie lover from being distracted?



  1. Love those ideas, my little man has been so easily distracted lately that it makes nursing time very difficult.

  2. thanks so much! I hope the tips help!!!!

  3. I never thought to try that with my last. He basically weaned himself at 6.5 months due to extreme distractibility along with having bottles while I was at work. By 6 months he was only staying latched for 2-3 minutes.
    He is now 15 months and has been in the hospital battling RSV. (He already had an asthma diagnosis.) I have dreamed the last 2 nights that I needed to find a way to get him nursing again!! I guess my subconscious knows Mommie's milk is best for helping him get better. Sorry to get off topic! :-)

  4. ladies chat.... there are ways to re has been done in the past with WONDERFUL outcomes. I would be happy to help if you want!!!Let me know

  5. Great tips Jacky! I always tell my BF moms that are battling this to have special nursing toys that are only brought out during feeding time. Seems to help!
    @Ladies Chat: Hope your little one is doing better. Was he a preemie and is he getting Synagis? Remember, have everyone practice good handwashing and keep away sick friends and relatives until RSV season is over (around April)

  6. Thanks, he is doing much better! He was full term and weighed 8lbs3.4oz at birth. At 15 months when he got sick he was at 28 pounds. But he was a silent refluxer and also needed tubes in his ears by 7 months. He snotted and wheezed and coughed his way through ages 3 months - 9 months. Then we had 6 really good months. He stayed on Qvar inhaler through all of it. Then he got a cold, ear infection, and this nasty RSV. He lost over 2.5 pounds in 5 days. Good thing he was a chunky monkey to begin with. I hope we don't repeat last winter and spring!! And he was still BF then! Oh and the docs (ENT and allergist) and I now think he has a milk sensitivity. He gets only almond milk and it has helped the congestion tremendously.

  7. Thanks: babies 411!

    Ladies Chat....we have a lactation consultant over at our Facebook Page. Her name is Courtney Watson Crowdis. She has offer to help you in your decision to re lactate if you choose. Just tell her you are from Mummies Nummies. so she knows who you are.

    Glad your little man is feeling better!


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