Thursday, January 6, 2011

Weaning to whole milk

In a wonderful world, switching to whole milk would be sooooooo easy. That the little Nummie lover would take to it without a problem. But that is soooooo not my world. I have received some wonderful help, from our Mummies in our Facebook page, and I am once again in need of some advice.

I have decided to try and wean Katelyn from 6 feedings a day down to 5 feedings. I also have been trying to get her to drink whole cow's milk. I have offered her straight  whole cow's milk in a sippy, without any success. She refuses to drink her sippy. I have offered it cold, warm, warmer, and at room temperature. All with the same response. Now granted, she is not a big sippy cup drinker.... but if I offer her room temperature water (from a sippy) she will drink some. So, I decided that I would pump the feeding I am weaning her off of, and offer her the expressed milk in a sippy. I have been doing this for 4 days...... and I get the same response. She will (so very cutely) shake her head no and throw the sippy cup either at me or away from me. Now I have offered her the expressed breastmilk at room temp, warmer than room temp, and even cold. All with the same response. (The ever so cute head shake.)

My reasoning for doing this is toeventually mix my expressed breastmilk with some whole cow's milk, in order to get her to eventually drink straight cow's milk. But how am I to get to that point if she wont even drink my breastmilk from a sippy? Now this is the girl who also HATED bottles and was very picky when it came to using a paci. I understand that she is not an "artificial" baby (meaning she likes only the real stuff...... mommy's biddys.) but this "aversion" to artificial feeding devices is causing a problem.

She will not eat cold cheese, but will eat a grilled cheese sandwich. She does like yogurt, but that is the only milk based food she will eat. 

So fellow Mummies.... can you help me out? Any tips for this confused mummie? I mean my little Kit Kat can not be the only baby like this...... right? Please tell me she is not an odd ball.



  1. Why switch to cow's milk at all? Humans are the only animal that will wean our young onto another animal's milk.... I would suggest honoring her feelings about it, and trying something different. Plain water, or chamomile water is a much healthier choice. Place a bag of tea in room temp water and have a tea time every day. Snack on crackers, sip tea.... ill she drink out of a non-sippy cup? If it's just tea or water in there, then you don't need to worry about spills.

  2. Bryce was exactly the same way. He did not like milk at all. He would not drink it from a cup at any temperature. Ditto for formula. Not to mention that we discovered he had a mild sensitivity anyway. After discussing with my pedi and ENT, we tried rice milk which also disgusted him. The ENT suggested almond milk which is what both his girls drink. The pedi agreed with the poster above that NO milk is needed after weaning. He said it was fine if he drank NO milk at all. He does LOVE cheese and eats it daily. He also will eat yogurt on occasion. I am over the milk battle and will offer it again when he is a little older. (He was drinking 3 oz of vanilla almond milk from a bottle at bedtime until the RSV last month. Now he is done with bottles completely.)

  3. Thank you ladies! (both of you) She still will not drink my mummies milk from a sippy...have been trying for a week now. We have tried a straw sippy and a hard spout sippy. If she wont drink any could be worse right? Atleast she loves to eat! hehe

  4. my nummie lover took forever to like cow's milk. I played the sippy cup musical chairs with her. I found she would take the nuk brand sippy cup with no problem! I then had to always warm the cow's milk up before she would drink it. Of course we weren't even attempting cow's milk until she was over one, but she had weaned to only two mummie's nummies a day by then.
    We warmed her milk up for a year, before we switched her to cold milk.
    She is almost 4 now, and wishes we would buy whole milk. Unfortunately, WIC only gives her 1% right now...Will get ped to fill out waiver at next appt!


  5. forgot to mention, that it is the nuk brand SOFT nipple sippy-cup

  6. thanks erin......nuk sippy we have not tried......we might try that one. glad my kitkat is not alone in being picky!


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