Monday, February 28, 2011

MoBoleez Hat GIVEAWAY!


As promised! Here is our new giveaway! You all are ROCK STARS!

Courtney was lucky enough to receive a MoBoleez Hat to review and one of you will be lucky enough to WIN one!  (OHHHHHHHHHH I love giveaways!)

Below is her review.... but keep in mind her Nummie Lover is just shy of one year old, so adding something new like this can be tricky at this age.

    "It is a great theory. When I ordered mine I got the 6-12 month size, thinking that you could just use it for a newborn too and thus extend it's use. But after trying it with a friend who has a newborn, it really doesn't work for heads that small so you would either have to order both sizes or put some removable stitches in the larger one if you are handy like that.  If I were to really use it on a regular basis, I would have wanted to start when Bear was much younger so that he would be used to it by now. Introducing it to a one year old just gave him something to play with and pull off/throw across the room. :) 
    But I think if he had been used to NIPing with it all along he would just leave it there and go about his business, and it would have helped with the whole distraction issue because it blocks his view of what the world is doing as well as blocking the worlds view of what he is doing. It's more discreet than throwing a blanket over your shoulder but doesn't give you the security that a shawl would, as an older child can pull it off. It does offer plenty of coverage though and it's a great conversation piece. I wouldn't recommend it to someone who is still establishing nursing because it blocks moms view of whats going on down there, so it really is for a more "experienced" nursing pair. All in all I think it's a good product. As an added bonus, it's great for a game of peek-a-boo and I think it's really cute as a novelty item."

Want to know how to get a MoBoleez Nursing Hat? You can purchase one from Natural Parenting Atlanta or WIN one! Keep on reading to learn how to win the Milky Way MoBoleez Nursing Hat size 6-12 months!



Anyone 18 years of age or older and living in the Continental United States can enter.


Click the link below and fill out the Giveaway Form. All entries must be made by 6:00 PM (EST) on Friday, March 11, 2011. The first three are **MANDATORY** in order for your entry to count. The others are not mandatory.... but would make us happy if you did them anyway! Each person gets one entry.... this way everyone has the same odds at winning! Winner will be announced Friday, March 11 by 7 pm (EST).

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and the PINK question is........ Do you cover up when you nurse in public?


A big thank you goes to Natural Parenting Atlanta for sponsoring this giveaway.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

After all this time....

I remember when I first got my milk in and felt letdown occur for the first time. WOW! What I found "weird" was that I felt letdown occur on the opposite than my Nummie Lover was feeding on! WOWZERS! Man I remember the pain of it. I swear it felt like someone was taking a stapler and stapling my nipple over and over again! Yeah it really hurt. Over the first couple of weeks the pain did stop... but the feeling of letdown did not go away. I could always tell when my Nummie Lover was really getting going, because my unused side would go all pins and needles on me.

I really thought that feeling would stop........ and since nursing Kit Kat it has slowed. I guess I just got distracted and stopped feeling it.... becuase just this week it has been happening again. Sure enough when she starts on the right side first, my left side just goes NUTS! Also, I have begun to leak on the side she does not start with.... AGAIN. I thought I was over the whole leaky letdown thing. I even stopped using my cloth breastpads! Looks like I have to bust those out!

Now I do not know what changed, maybe she is hitting a growth spurt (THAT WOULD BE NICE SHE IS 19 LBS AND 15 MONTHS OLD!) maybe I am paying more attention. Who knows.... but looks like leaky and needly letdown is BACK!

Monday, February 21, 2011


Guess who is one!!!!!! WE ARE! That is right, Mummies Nummies has turned one year old! I just can not believe that we have been blogging, talking, and meeting new mummies for one year!

In the beginning it was just me, Jacky, with a goal to share my tips on breastfeeding. (In my previous post about my story with Pooker...... tips was all I had!) I did not even have many readers, but I kept on going anyway! But look at us now! We have grown with the addition of Courtney, our Lactation Educator, we have had sponsored giveaways (more to come by the way!!!) and word is getting out about Mummies Nummies.

We have shared stories, celebrations, photos, and tips! I want to thank all of our Mummies for helping my dream become reality! We may be a small group but we are growing! After all...... we are only 1 year old!

So happy birthday to us!!!!!!!!
Can't wait to see what happens next!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Why such a negative view?

I was searching the internet today and came across some upsetting comments about breastfeeding. This may not be anything new or even surprise us Mummies...... it seems we find ourselves defending our choice to breastfeed more times than we like to admit.

But this time it was an article from Circle of Moms about the World Health Organization recomending Breastfeeding to 2 years old or beyond. Now the article was very well written and had wonderful positive ideas and tips.  However... on their FaceBook Page, well that is a different story. The amount of comments was so horribly negative. 
Here are some of the comments that made my blood boil... (now please keep in mind that these are DIRECT comments that I copied and pasted as it.... I did not touch them!)

"the age of 2 or beyond!! this just isnt practical!! the last i was told it was 6 months as breast milk after then had no benefit? they ought to make their mind up!!"
 "Maybe where there is lack of nutrients in 3rd world like Amy mentioned! Once they get teeth NO WAY."
"they are suppose to be weaned off a bottle by then....why would you give them your breast!!! My friend is having this problem, her daughter is 1.5 and WONT stop breastfeeding! And I agree, at that age they need to be fed solids, drink from ...a cup....TEETH would HURT!!! Dogs don't even breastfeed that long, I think the REAL issue is some woman (and I know one personally) who just like to breastfeed, not in a perverted way, but it is more for their comfort and desire than the childs actual needs! Yes, I know someone like this, because she offered to BF my daughter one time!! YUCK!"
"To me that just seems like child molestation a child should not be breastfed past a year. Anytime after that just seems gross and well it's just gross!"

Now this was just a few of the comments..... and there were positive comments as well. The last comment really made me mad. Really... this mom is calling breastfeeding past one year child molestation?!?!?! Wow.... Could this be the problem we have when we are out in public and feed our babies? Is this the mass majority of what the public thinks? If so.... how are we ever to get past this mind set of breastfeeding? How are other moms ever going to feel confident enough and not feel attacked when people have these mind sets?!  Just such a shame.

I, for one, am so happy to be still breastfeeding my 15 month old. And to the mom who said that it was the mom's comfort over the child's needs.... REALLY?! You know...... yes I love breastfeeding........ But I also have not been away from my children.... ever! Do you think that I don't want to go out by myself, go out with my husband without babies? I sometimes dream of a quiet night alone with my husband........ but we have not done that since we had kids. We put that dream aside because we know that I can not be far from our little Nummie lover. I do not breastfeed for me.... I breastfeed for HER. (And no, I can not pump because she refuses to take bottles or even anything other than water from a sippy cup. But wait that is probably my fault because she was exclusivly breastfed for 6 months.)

All I have to say is GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR you mom's are not HELPING!

RANT over... thanks for listening!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

My story

In the past couple of weeks, some people have asked me what my breastfeeding story was. Seeing how I have not really battled too much with Kit Kat...... the story that comes to mind is what we went through with Pooker. One of our readers even published the following story on her blog.
So I thought I would share my story with all of you. Just proves that breastfeeding is not always easy..... but can be achieved.

My story is probably one of thousands out there, filled with heartache and joy. For me breastfeeding was a goal that I thought would be easy to achieve.
Sadly, with my first born, I was wrong.

When my oldest (Pooker) was born, in April 2008, it was a day of miracles. She was our third pregnancy in 11 months. We went through 2 miscarriages before having her and we were just so ecstatic to finally have our baby in our arms. She had problems in the beginning with nursing. She was more interested in sleeping, had almost no ability to suck or latch on, and we had a horrible lactation consultant at the hospital. She told us to give her formula and left us alone. But we were still determined not to give up, we were just so happy to be holding her in our arms.

(Last photo taken before rushed to hospital.)

But on the third day of her life, everything changed. I was nursing her at home, when I looked down at her I noticed something was wrong. When my mind caught up with what my eyes were seeing, I lost it. My daughter was blue. Dark blue.... everything. Her lips, cheeks, nose.... her whole face. I yelled for my husband (who luckily was sitting right next to me) and he saw it too. He jumped up just as I sat her up in my arms. The second I sat her up, her color began to return to normal and she opened her eyes. Within seconds, it was like nothing had happened.
We put a call into her pediatrician (whom she had not even seen yet) and waited all day to hear back. We kept a close eye on her the whole day and it did not happen again. Hours later, the doctor called us back and told us to take her to the ER where she was born. From there on........ our world shattered.

While at the ER, she had another episode. I began calling them "blue episodes" and it happened while she was nursing again. At this point they had already informed us that they would be transporting her to Scottish Rite (Childcare's Health Care of Atlanta). I had to hold my crying baby down on a cold table while they did x rays. It took both my husband and myself to keep her still. To hold your baby this way is very heart breaking. She was so small... only being 3 days old. Then they were throwing words like "Spinal Tap and Meningitis" at us. The nurses and staff seemed to be very concerned.... which only scared us even more. When she stopped breathing at the ER, my husband rushed out and yelled for help. The number of staff that came running in was so scary. They took her from me and laid her on the bed. They immediately began doing a catheter and prepping her for the ambulance ride.

She was admitted into Scottish Rite where she had another Blue Episode, this time while she was being given Zantac. Once again the room was filled with nurses giving our miracle air and checking her vitals... all the while my husband and I were left hanging onto each other in the corner watching our little girl suffer. This episode was different. This time, she did not turn blue, she turned bright red and her arms and legs began flailing around like stiff boards. She was clearly in distress and this time she could tell.

While at Scottish Rite, they did a Spinal Tap, a dozen or more x rays, brain scans, heart scans, blood tests, RSV tests, and a Barium Swallow. This little baby had a dozen wires sticking out of her body 24/7 and the crib was like a jail cell. Cold, metal bars on all sides. I was convinced that she would spend as little time in that crib as possible. In my mind..... if we were going to lose our baby.... she was not going to die in the crib. She would die in our arms. Looking back...... my heart still races. To have to even think that thought as a parent........but if we had to lose her.... she was going to leave us in the arms of the people who loved her. My husband and I took turns holding her and we never left her side.

After four days, she was diagnosed with Silent Reflux and Breath Apnea. The whole time I either pumped or nursed her. When I say pumped.... I mean I was up every two hours pumping what I could and giving it to her in a bottle. I was like a clock...... I would pump, give the nurses what I got and then ask for what milk I pumped 2 hours before and I fed her that. After a couple of days I had this whole process down to an hour. Then I would have about another hour where I could nap before I started it all over again. I finally got the courage to breastfeed her, with the help of an amazing Lactation Consultant! I thought I was the reason she was turning blue, as it all started while she was nursing. So you can imagine my fear of actual breastfeeding.

So our miracle was not going to die.... with the help of an Apnea Monitor that she wore for 24 hours a day (minus bath time) and some serious over protecting on our part. She had some major problems with pain from her reflux, and I began to see the warning signs when she was having another Blue Episode. I learned that she would begin to turn gray before she turned blue and that she would make a slight gurgling noise as well. These signs were very slight but the mommy instinct in me kicked in and I was one of the few people to notice these changes.  But we prevailed with the breastfeeding. Our little fighter made it through medication side effects, poor weight gain, latching problems, I had a breast milk imbalance, apnea spells, poor sucking ability and a traumatizing first week of her life. But I am happy to say that she nursed for 11 months. It was not until she was 6 months old did she really get the hang of to say that my first experience was easy.....well that is so far from the truth.

Why did we stop breastfeeding at 11 months? Because I was pregnant with our second miracle. I am happy to say that her breastfeeding experience has been much better.... still plagued with the horrid reflux.... but  not nearly as bad as her older sister's. My current Nummie Lover (Kit Kat) is 15 months old and still going strong! My daughters are the reason I started Mummies Nummies.
I knew I was not the only mummie who had problems to overcome!

Breastfeeding can be very hard....but if you are strong willed...... it can become a beautiful experience.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Looked like Madonna!

Okay, mummies......I had a Madonna 1980's flash back the other day!

Kitkat was having a great nursing session.... she was all into it! I mean so happy to be where she was that nothing was going to distract her. Now these moments are few and far I was so excited! When she finally unlatched herself.... I looked down......and OH MY MADONNA! I swear it looked like I was wearing one of Madonna's CONE SHAPE BRAS! But it was my nipple! Good grief, I tell you it was sticking out about 2 inches! (NO JOKE!) This was a first for me to see...... and I have been breastfeeding for over 2 years combined!

Talk about a great latch!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Who do you love?

Valentine's Day means so many different things as you get older.

When you are young.. it is all about cute little cardboard cards with popular cartoons with cute little sayings like "Be mine", "You are B-utiful" or even "You are #1!"

Then your parents show you some love on Valentine's Day.... with candy and a cute stuffed bear.

Then you fall in "puppy love" and experience Valentine's Day in a different way. You get some pretty roses, carnations, chocolates, and perhaps even a little necklace.  You feel so happy and lucky to be "in love" and the gifts...... how thoughtful!

Then you really fall in love. You have your first Valentine's Day with the person you married, and you think..... "This is what Valentine's Day is all about!" Romantic moments, sweet surprises, and snuggles on the couch (and bed room!)

But when you become a Mummie...... something happens. Sure you still want all the typical Valentine's Day stuff. But it has a whole new meaning. You look at your little Nummie Lovers and your heart just explodes. Suddenly all the sweet, romantic things are pushed aside. In its place...... messy homemade cupcakes, sticky finger painting, painted hand prints made into flowers, and the ever great pink and purple heart shaped cakes!

You suddenly find yourself watching your children experience Valentine's Day the way you remember as a child. All the I Love You's and You Are #1 start flooding back!  Suddenly, it is no longer a day for LOVERS...... but a day for who you LOVE.

So on this Valentine's Day........ Enjoy your children, enjoy smothering them with love, make a messy heart shape cake, frost those homemade cookies, finger paint with pink, purple and red........Tell them that they are the special ones in your life. (Share some love with your husband or partner too! After all it took both of you to make those Nummie Lovers!)

Pooker (34 months) and Kit Kat (14 months) Valentine's Day 2011

Happy Valentine's Day Mummies!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Intro to solids too early puts baby at risk of early obesity

I find it amazingly wonderful when a big news source publishes a story about the POSITIVE effects of breastfeeding. With a previous study released (stating that exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 full months can put a baby at risk) it is nice to see a positive article naming a study that says the opposite. released an article  explaining that a study, done by Children's Hospital Boston, "formula fed babies on solid food too early may increase their risk of becoming obese by the time they reach age 3."

The article continued:
The study, which followed more than 840 young children, found that formula-fed infants introduced to solid food before four months of age had a 6.3-fold increased odds of obesity at age 3, Dr. Susanna Y. Huh of Children's Hospital Boston and colleagues reported online in Pediatrics.

Strangely enough the opposite held true to breastfed babies....
However, the same didn't hold for breastfed infants -- who showed no impact of timing of solid food introduction on obesity at age 3, Huh and co-authors wrote.

Breast feeding was linked a more normal pattern of growth and to a slower introduction of solid foods.
For the primary outcome of obesity at 3 years of age, breastfed children were less likely to have a body mass index at or above the 95th percentile for age and gender at that point compared with those who had been fed formula (7 percent versus 13 percent).
 Although early introduction of solid food didn't appear to impact obesity risk in breastfed children, bottle-fed infants who tried solid food before 4 months were more likely to be obese at 3 years (25 percent versus 5 percent introduced at 4 to 5 months).
I really liked this comment made by  Dr. Cliff Nerwen of Cohen Children's Medical Center of New York City "Additionally, it further confirms the tremendous long-term nutritional value of breast feeding during the first six months of life."

So it just goes to show........for every one negative study done....a positive one will come right after! Personally I will believe a study done by a Children's Hospital staff vs researchers any day!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Breastfeeding a toddler

This is what I love about breastfeeding Mummies and well breastfeeding in general. No matter how much training you have..... a situation will come up where you need some help...... and you are not afraid to ask for it!!!

I got an email from Courtney, our Lactation Educator here at Mummies Nummies. Here is her situation:
Hey! Ok, so the educator needs a teacher:) I have a nursing question. "Squish" (oldest son) never nursed, he just took bottles that I pumped so I never had to address the "problem" of nursing a child with teeth. "Bear" (current Nummie Lover) is still going strong, which I couldn't be happier about, except that it's starting to hurt. He isn't biting me, but it hurts while he's nursing and I have teeth marks when he's done. It could be the way he's latched, but in my line of work I deal with newborns so I haven't addressed a lot of toddler latch issues. Have you had this problem, and if so is there a way to fix it? Or do we just grin and bear is, as mothers do with so many other things:)


First off... I want to mention that I LOVE her first comment..... "Ok, so the educator needs a teacher:)"
What a wonderful comment!  Just goes to show that we all need some help once in a while!

So here is what I think...
My first thought was that his latch is not correct. I have not had this problem myself, but I have had to deal with biters when they first got their teeth. The best way that I found was to un latch them and firmly say "no." Luckily for us, that worked. But to me.... a latch problem could be treated the same way.

I also found this forum, at La Leche League International. It seems to be addressing the same issue as Courtney.

Here is this Mummie's situation:
I love breastfeeding my toddler, but lately, it hurts! It seems to be something about her suck. She doesn't nurse often, but when she does, she is really insistent about it. I had the same problem with my older son, but then I thought it was because I was pregnant. I know I'm not pregnant now, but breastfeeding sets my teeth on edge, almost like fingernails on a chalkboard. I will have her latch on several times in an effort to make it more comfortable. We've enjoyed a wonderful breastfeeding experience, but I'm starting to dread it when she gets that look in her eye. Does anyone have any ideas about what could be causing my discomfort or about how to cope?

I came across this response and thought it was wonderful:
Nursing a toddler can be really different from nursing an infant. I have nursed four children into toddler hood, and at times, I have had that antsy, I-just-want-to-get-away feeling during nursing sessions. Sometimes toddlers change the way they suck, maybe because their mouth is getting bigger (and your breast probably isn't!). If your toddler's latch is painful, check for teeth marks or blanching of the tissue. If there appears to be damage, then her latch does need to be adjusted. Changing positions might help, especially if she tends to move around. Changing the places where you nurse might also be necessary. Even in your favorite chair, your toddler might not fit in your lap the way she did when she was smaller.
If there doesn't appear to be any physical damage, try distraction. I have had good luck with this-for myself, not the toddler. Making sure I have a book to read or something else to do while nursing helps to keep me from focusing on the sensations that are annoying. Reminding myself of the reasons that I am choosing to continue breastfeeding this still very little person helps me to adjust my attitude and stay positive.
As babies move into toddler hood, we also set more limits for them. Often, a quick nursing, say the length of a familiar song, is enough for them to feel connected and is easier for mother to cope with. I have been known to tell an older toddler that I just can't breastfeed any longer right now, but I'd be happy to try again in a little while. I think nurslings understand mothers' feelings in an intuitive way, and they are more cooperative when mothers are honest, but clear and firm.
Remember, just as you think you're stuck in this stage forever, and you can't stand it any longer, your child gets a little bit older, and everything changes. Good luck finding a solution that works for you and your toddler!

We all know that breastfeeding a baby and even a toddler can be stressful...... but it helps when we are able to face an issue with a plan and have support while doing it!

Do you have any tips for Courtney and other Mummies in her situation?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Where to go for help?

In a perfect world, breastfeeding would be as simple as: Pick up baby, latch baby on, (and in my case switch sides) sit back and relax  and wait until baby is finished. But as most of us know...... THAT WORLD DOES NOT EXIST!!!!!! So I thought I would look into where we can get help...You know for when the moments of "Honey you can't help me!" come up.

The CDC has a hotline (which I have not used.... I just found it recently) that is dedicated to all breastfeeding moms. Now, they are only open M-F 9 am to 6 pm. But you can leave a message after hours if need be.

My SAVING GRACE was The La Leche League, they have an online form you can use and one of the consultants will respond to you! OMG I can not say enough about this! When I was having my milk imbalance.... the consultant helped me out BIG TIME! I was even able to send her a photo of my pumped milk using the form! (I KNOW RIGHT, COOL HUH?!)

Infant Risk Center is also a great place to go! They are also open for phone calls and can answer questions about which medicine to take while pregnant and nursing. (Which is a BIG THING!) They are located at Texas Tech University and they also have breastfeeding forums.

There are also "breastfeeding help lines" from formula companies. But really???? Do I need to get into that? Is that really a breastfeeding help line?

Now of course, there are communities (like Mummies Nummies!) that you can go to online. Groups and blogs that have other moms going through the same issues you are. That is a major help too. It is nice to know that what you are going through (either difficult or not) other moms have been there or even are going through it too!

So have at it Mummies! Together, we can do this!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mommy Necklace GIVEAWAY!

Do you have a busy Nummie Lover? Do you love cute necklaces? Well then welcome to our next giveaway!!!! I am so excited to announce this giveaway that I was tempted to keep it! (But that would be soooo very wrong.....I would never do that! So I might have to break down and buy my own! BOO HOO for me...... BUT GREAT FOR YOU!) A big shout out to Natural Parenting Atlanta for sponsoring this giveaway!

Mommy Necklaces are wonderful necklaces that are made BY HAND by work at home moms!YES ALL MADE BY HAND! (Great huh?!) They are made with babies in mind...... and fashionable moms too!

The necklace that we are giving away has pink, purple and clear beads with a purple dangling donut. (Pictured below)

I have to say I am in love with all girly colors... so this necklace is right up my alley!

So what do you say?! Wanna have another giveaway?!?!?!?!?!
Okay.... here are the rules.....


Anyone 18 years of age or older and living in the Continental United States can enter.


Follow the guidelines below and be sure to leave all of your comments by 6:00 PM (EST) on Friday, February 4, 2011. Remember you have SEVEN DIFFERENT WAYS to enter this Giveaway!! EACH ENTRY MUST BE MADE AS A SEPARATE COMMENT.

1. THIS ONE IS MANDATORY! Your first chance to enter is to leave a comment right now to the question in PINK at the base of this blog post. Be sure to leave your email address, so we can contact you if you won.

2. Go and share this Giveaway on your BLOG, FACEBOOK or another social network by posting this link and come back and share your post link. Be sure to leave your email address, so we can contact you if you won.

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4. Join Mummies Nummies through Google Friends. (Must be done publicly) Look for it under the Join Us tab on our blog (or if you already are, comment and say so) and comment to let us know you did. Be sure to leave your email address, so we can contact you if you won.

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We will enter the number of comments into the number generator at RANDOM.ORG and the first number it picks is the winner!


Yes, we do. Once the winner is selected, we will check to verify valid entry. If it isn’t, we’ll start the process over. So don't cheat!

and the pink question is........ Do you have a fav nursing item?