Wednesday, February 23, 2011

After all this time....

I remember when I first got my milk in and felt letdown occur for the first time. WOW! What I found "weird" was that I felt letdown occur on the opposite than my Nummie Lover was feeding on! WOWZERS! Man I remember the pain of it. I swear it felt like someone was taking a stapler and stapling my nipple over and over again! Yeah it really hurt. Over the first couple of weeks the pain did stop... but the feeling of letdown did not go away. I could always tell when my Nummie Lover was really getting going, because my unused side would go all pins and needles on me.

I really thought that feeling would stop........ and since nursing Kit Kat it has slowed. I guess I just got distracted and stopped feeling it.... becuase just this week it has been happening again. Sure enough when she starts on the right side first, my left side just goes NUTS! Also, I have begun to leak on the side she does not start with.... AGAIN. I thought I was over the whole leaky letdown thing. I even stopped using my cloth breastpads! Looks like I have to bust those out!

Now I do not know what changed, maybe she is hitting a growth spurt (THAT WOULD BE NICE SHE IS 19 LBS AND 15 MONTHS OLD!) maybe I am paying more attention. Who knows.... but looks like leaky and needly letdown is BACK!


  1. I just started having the same thing happening! It's been a good 6 months since I have had to worry about it. I even leaked the other day when I heard another baby cry! I think little man is going through a growth spurt too. He's sleeping a ton and eating like it's going out of style. What's your favorite pad to use? I have the gerber disposables because I like that they are contoured, but I would prefer to not use disposables.

  2. Funny how that happen huh?! I talked about disposable pads here

    and i have to say babiesrus have good disposable too. I can not remember which cloth pads I have....want to say avent.....but I got them at babies r who knows! hehe


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