Monday, February 7, 2011

Intro to solids too early puts baby at risk of early obesity

I find it amazingly wonderful when a big news source publishes a story about the POSITIVE effects of breastfeeding. With a previous study released (stating that exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 full months can put a baby at risk) it is nice to see a positive article naming a study that says the opposite. released an article  explaining that a study, done by Children's Hospital Boston, "formula fed babies on solid food too early may increase their risk of becoming obese by the time they reach age 3."

The article continued:
The study, which followed more than 840 young children, found that formula-fed infants introduced to solid food before four months of age had a 6.3-fold increased odds of obesity at age 3, Dr. Susanna Y. Huh of Children's Hospital Boston and colleagues reported online in Pediatrics.

Strangely enough the opposite held true to breastfed babies....
However, the same didn't hold for breastfed infants -- who showed no impact of timing of solid food introduction on obesity at age 3, Huh and co-authors wrote.

Breast feeding was linked a more normal pattern of growth and to a slower introduction of solid foods.
For the primary outcome of obesity at 3 years of age, breastfed children were less likely to have a body mass index at or above the 95th percentile for age and gender at that point compared with those who had been fed formula (7 percent versus 13 percent).
 Although early introduction of solid food didn't appear to impact obesity risk in breastfed children, bottle-fed infants who tried solid food before 4 months were more likely to be obese at 3 years (25 percent versus 5 percent introduced at 4 to 5 months).
I really liked this comment made by  Dr. Cliff Nerwen of Cohen Children's Medical Center of New York City "Additionally, it further confirms the tremendous long-term nutritional value of breast feeding during the first six months of life."

So it just goes to show........for every one negative study done....a positive one will come right after! Personally I will believe a study done by a Children's Hospital staff vs researchers any day!

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