Thursday, February 3, 2011

Where to go for help?

In a perfect world, breastfeeding would be as simple as: Pick up baby, latch baby on, (and in my case switch sides) sit back and relax  and wait until baby is finished. But as most of us know...... THAT WORLD DOES NOT EXIST!!!!!! So I thought I would look into where we can get help...You know for when the moments of "Honey you can't help me!" come up.

The CDC has a hotline (which I have not used.... I just found it recently) that is dedicated to all breastfeeding moms. Now, they are only open M-F 9 am to 6 pm. But you can leave a message after hours if need be.

My SAVING GRACE was The La Leche League, they have an online form you can use and one of the consultants will respond to you! OMG I can not say enough about this! When I was having my milk imbalance.... the consultant helped me out BIG TIME! I was even able to send her a photo of my pumped milk using the form! (I KNOW RIGHT, COOL HUH?!)

Infant Risk Center is also a great place to go! They are also open for phone calls and can answer questions about which medicine to take while pregnant and nursing. (Which is a BIG THING!) They are located at Texas Tech University and they also have breastfeeding forums.

There are also "breastfeeding help lines" from formula companies. But really???? Do I need to get into that? Is that really a breastfeeding help line?

Now of course, there are communities (like Mummies Nummies!) that you can go to online. Groups and blogs that have other moms going through the same issues you are. That is a major help too. It is nice to know that what you are going through (either difficult or not) other moms have been there or even are going through it too!

So have at it Mummies! Together, we can do this!!!!!!!!

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