Saturday, February 12, 2011

Who do you love?

Valentine's Day means so many different things as you get older.

When you are young.. it is all about cute little cardboard cards with popular cartoons with cute little sayings like "Be mine", "You are B-utiful" or even "You are #1!"

Then your parents show you some love on Valentine's Day.... with candy and a cute stuffed bear.

Then you fall in "puppy love" and experience Valentine's Day in a different way. You get some pretty roses, carnations, chocolates, and perhaps even a little necklace.  You feel so happy and lucky to be "in love" and the gifts...... how thoughtful!

Then you really fall in love. You have your first Valentine's Day with the person you married, and you think..... "This is what Valentine's Day is all about!" Romantic moments, sweet surprises, and snuggles on the couch (and bed room!)

But when you become a Mummie...... something happens. Sure you still want all the typical Valentine's Day stuff. But it has a whole new meaning. You look at your little Nummie Lovers and your heart just explodes. Suddenly all the sweet, romantic things are pushed aside. In its place...... messy homemade cupcakes, sticky finger painting, painted hand prints made into flowers, and the ever great pink and purple heart shaped cakes!

You suddenly find yourself watching your children experience Valentine's Day the way you remember as a child. All the I Love You's and You Are #1 start flooding back!  Suddenly, it is no longer a day for LOVERS...... but a day for who you LOVE.

So on this Valentine's Day........ Enjoy your children, enjoy smothering them with love, make a messy heart shape cake, frost those homemade cookies, finger paint with pink, purple and red........Tell them that they are the special ones in your life. (Share some love with your husband or partner too! After all it took both of you to make those Nummie Lovers!)

Pooker (34 months) and Kit Kat (14 months) Valentine's Day 2011

Happy Valentine's Day Mummies!

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  1. "You suddenly find yourself watching your children experience Valentine's Day the way you remember as a child."

    I thought of that tonight when I wrote out the Valentine from my son to my husband. A different, sweet and tender way to look at a holiday that we typically see with bitter and jaded eyes :)


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