Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Feeding your Nummie Lover solids

One of the big questions I have come across is when and what to feed Nummie Lovers solid foods. It has been suggested to wait until your baby is 6 months old before you introduce solids. The reasoning in behind delaying the introduction to solids is because of the risk of allergies, digestive system development and more.

For us, we waited until 7 months with Pooker, due to her poor weight gain her GI Specialist suggested to wait. But with Kit Kat we started solids with her at 6.5 months. Both girls were fed with baby food I made at home. I was surprised how easy it was to make baby food. (I don't really know why I was so surprised by it.... all it is is real food like we eat.) I suppose it is the whole shopping isle dedicated to baby food that makes one think that you are better off buying already prepared baby food. Now there is nothing wrong with store bought baby food. We did buy some to keep for emergencies. But I found it cheaper to make our own, freeze it in ice cube trays, or give it to them freshly made.

There a few ways to go about this. You can try offering fruit first or veggies first. Some say that it is best to offer veggies first as fruit is much sweeter and children are more likely to enjoy fruits over veggies. Now with Pooker I gave her fruit first and the girl thinks most veggies are gross and will refuse to eat them! Kit kat was given veggies first and the girl can not get enough of them! She will always go for the veggies first and then eat everything else after.

It is best to offer one new food per week, this will help if your nummie lover has a food allergy. This way it will be easier to fiqure out which food is causing the allergy.

Not all babies like watery food. Both of my girls liked thicker vs thinner. If you find the food is too thin, you can add some baby cereal to it to thicken it up. Also if you find the food it too thick, you can add breastmilk or water to thin it out. It is super easy to adjust.

Steaming all food is the best way to cook it. But you do not need a steamer. Just a pot with some water and a lid is all you need! I found a wonderful website that helps mummies with homemade baby food. Wholesome Baby Food is a great resource with recipes, tips and ideas.

Always offer solid food AFTER a nursing session or breastmilk bottle. This is important. If you offer solid food right before a nursing session, your nummie lover might be too full to nurse...... and your milk supply can diminish. Although your Nummie Lover might be ready for solid foods, he/she is still getting all the nutrients he/she needs from your milk.

I hope this helps!

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