Thursday, March 31, 2011

Milkin' Cookies Review and GIVEAWAY!


Okay I have to admit, I am not one who is concerned about my milk supply. Since Kit Kat is 16 months old, my milk supply is pretty much established. However, I do remember the days where I was scared I would "dry up" or when Pooker or Kit Kat did not nurse as long as I "thought" they should. All of the normal fears of losin' my supply wiggled their evil way into my head. Which new mummie (or not even a new mummie) does not get those thoughts? Sure there are prescription medications you can take, if your supply does drop, but those can have side effects. There are also herbal medicines, I have heard one of which can make you smell like MAPLE SYRUP (yummy waffles anyone?!) But there are also natural ways to boost your supply. Sure drinking a BOAT full of water helps. I joke and tell mummies to drink more water than you think you can handle....and then drink 3 more glasses! But sometimes.... a little extra somethin' somethin' helps.

I have come across recipes to make "Lactation Cookies", but have found these ingredients very hard to come by. So I about lost all hope in tryin' any. BUT ALAS! I found an amazin' company called Milkin' Cookies!
There are a ton of reasons why I love Milkin' Cookies!
1. Milkin' Cookies is a company created by two full time workin', PUMPIN', physicians! (OMG right! I know!)
2. Their cookies were created by them with health and breastmilk supply in mind!
3. The cookies are all natural, no scary words and even Elementary students can pronounce them!
4. Each cookie is individually wrapped, so throw one in your diaper bag, book bag, lap top bag, car, night stand, pocket...... they go anywhere!

I love snacks. I love chocolate. You can ask my husband and even my two year old. Pooker knows that mommy loves (please don't laugh or take this wrong) "chocolate balls." (Her words not mine. All chocolate is a chocolate ball.... and yes she loves chocolate balls too! Kit Kat does too...... but she has no words for it yet other than "nummie.") We are a "chocolate ball" lovin' family! HEHE So when you combine chocolate, cookies, and all natural ingredients to help boost Mummies Nummies........ Hello! You had me at Milkin' Cookies!

So here is the low down on the cookies Milkin' Cookies sent me. They were SO wonderfully generous and sent me 14 cookies to review! NICE HUH?!

First let me say that first impressions are important, and Milkin' Cookies does not fall short! The box is nicely packaged and what a surprise it holds inside! In the picture above you can see what my box contained. My box contained two kinds of cookies, (Oatmeal Chocolate Chip and Cranberry Almond) a thank you card, (HAND WRITTEN!!!) nutritional information for each cookie, a breastmilk storage information magnet, a Milkin' Cookies bumper sticker and a FAQ card about their company.  PHEW oh and plus 14 individually wrapped cookies! See what I mean by surprise?!

Okay so now that the first impressions are good..... I was dyin' to try one! I first tried the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip. OHHHHHH MY GOODNESS. Talk about yummy in a cookie! Wow! It was soft, chewy, chocolaty, big, dense, and so yummy! I am a cookie lover.... but I have to seriously admit that this is the best cookie I have ever had, and I make a ton of cookies! I called my husband right away to tell him my cookies came in and how good they were.... had to tell someone because I was goin' to explode! I told him that he had to try one. His response "Will I make milk?" I asked him if he wanted to make milk and he said "no." hehehe Of course he was kiddin'...... but it was funny.Sure enough, when he got home from work, he tried the Cranberry Almond Oatmeal. In his words "Daddy tested.... daddy approved!!!!!"

So you are probably wonderin' if they work or are they just a really good reason to have a cookie. Well after a few days, and eatin' the recommended two cookies a day and I DID noticed that my breasts seemed fuller. The BIG sign was that Kit Kat nursed for 20 minutes (one one side) on day three! She seemed to be happy!  Now I do not pump so I can not tell you how much more milk I am producin'.... but people have commented that after a few days of eating Milkin' Cookies, they have pumped up to 2 ounces more per feedin'! Now that is A LOT! So I say YES! You may have your Milkin' Cookie and eat them too! Over all I am VERY pleased with Milkin' Cookies and would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone!

What did you say? You want to try some? Well you are at the perfect place! You can either buy your Milkin' Cookies here OR you can enter to win a $25 certificate! This certificate is enough for a 2 week supply of these mouth waterin', Mummies Nummies boostin', delicious tastin' cookies!


Anyone 18 years of age or older and living in the United States can enter.


Click the link below and fill out the Giveaway Form. All entries must be made by 6:00 PM (EST) on Monday, April 11, 2011. The first three are **MANDATORY** in order for your entry to count. The others are not mandatory.... but would make us happy if you did them anyway! Each person gets one entry.... this way everyone has the same odds at winning! Winner will be announced Monday, April 11 by 7 pm (EST).

**1. You must be an email subscriber to Mummies Nummies. (This is located on the right hand side of our blog. Simply type in your email and then confirm when the confirmation email comes to you. You MUST confirm in order for it to count)
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**3. You must answer the question in PINK. Leave your answer to the PINK question in the comment section of this post, be sure to leave your name and also mention that you filled out the contest form. The PINK question is........ Do you like chocolate balls? (Keep it clean Mummies.... you know what I mean.)

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Yes, we do. Once the winner is selected, we will check to verify valid entry. If it isn’t, we’ll start the process over. So don't cheat!


A big thank you goes out to Milkin' Cookies for sending these cookies to me (free of charge) and for offering our readers a $25 gift certificate free of charge!

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  1. Hi,
    My name is Heather and I too love "chocolate balls" I have been known to make brownie batter only to eat it without baking! MMMMmm... chocolate!
    I have also filled out the contest form!

  2. I love chocolate balls too. Chocolate verything in fact!!! My name is Becky. I have been nursing for 20 months with no plans on stopping any time soon.

  3. Hey there :)OF COURSE I like chocolate balls! ;) I filled out the contest form (and follow you publicly and subscribe via e-mail), like you on fb, like Milkin Cookies on fb, shared you on fb!! :) SO excited!

  4. I am not a huge chocolate fan....I know, I'm odd. But I had a huge chocolate allergy as a kid, so I don't have a craving for it (except once in a while and then I'm picky).

    I love the review! It's great to know that when the Raconteur Daddy wants a break from the kitchen, he can just order milk cookies instead of making them! (Yes, I'm spoiled.)

  5. I added them on FB and I am soooo glad this sound soooo yummy that I going to have to get some and fast!!!

  6. Yes, I like chocolate balls, chips cookies, bars, yum.

  7. I filled out the contest form, and yes I like chocolate balls. Anything chocolate is good for me. My name is Heather Stewart

  8. I love anything milk chocolate so that's a yes for the question lol!
    Filled out the form: Rebecca Smith
    rasmith0506 at gmail dot com

  9. I love chocolate in all its geometric and gastronomic forms. :)


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