Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New distraction tool!

I have posted before about having a distracted Nummie Lover...... and yes Kit Kat still finds other things more interesting at times. If you find yourself with a Nummie Lover, who gets distracted easy, you may think he/she is ready to stop nursing. This is not true.... The Stir did an article last month about this topic.

I have recently found a new breastfeeding freindly tool to help with the "other stuff" that gets Kit Kat's attention.

I have an Android cellphone and have had this app called Toddler Lock installed for some time. I would let Pooker use it when I needed her to be quiet.... but have found this "game" useful for Kit Kat as well. While nursing, she likes to hold  my cell phone in between one hand and my chest while "drawing" on my phone. Toddler Lock is a sort of educational doodle activity with music, shapes and lines. All controlled by the child's fingers. What I love about Toddler Lock is it also keeps little fingers out of  the main phone controls. When you are ready to leave Toddler Lock, all you have to do it tap each 4 corners of the screen, clockwise, and it will give you the option to exit.

I do not let my children play with my cell phone a lot. I know there have been some studies done regarding cell phones and the health to young children. But for a few minutes while nursing, at doctor visit waiting rooms, and to calm a 2 year old tantrum.... it can be a life saver!

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