Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wean me Gently

I came across this poem while looking for weaning articles. It is sooooo touching and meaningful. What I love is it has a surprise ending! You may think you know who it is coming from.... but keep reading. I do not know who the poem was written by, it is not my own...... but if you know please share it. I would love to give credit where credit is due!
**CORRECTION the author is Cathy Cardall**

I know I look so big to you,

Maybe I seem too big for the needs I have.

But no matter how big we get,

We still have needs that are important to us.

I know that our relationship is growing and changing,

But I still need you. I need your warmth and closeness,

Especially at the end of the day

When we snuggle up in bed.

Please don't get too busy for us to nurse.

I know you think I can be patient,

Or find something to take the place of a nursing;

A book, a glass of something,

But nothing can take your place when I need you.

Sometimes just cuddling with you,

Having you near me is enough.

I guess I am growing and becoming independent,

But please be there.

This bond we have is so strong and so important to me,

Please don't break it abruptly.

Wean me gently,

Because I am your mother,

And my heart is tender. 

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