Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What is your pet peeve?

When it comes to babies and children, what is your biggest pet peeve? Do you have weird pet peeves? Well I have had the same one for as long as I can remember. Only my pet peeve is not only aimed at babies or children. It is something every person gets regardless of age! What is it, you ask? My BIGGEST pet peeve is BOOGERS!!!!! I HATE boogers! I hate how they never seem to go away, no matter how many times you blow your nose. I hate how in children they will just ooze out of their nose like a babbling stream. I hate the sound your nose makes when you blow those nasty things out. I hate the feel of a used tissue! It all just grosses me out! It is the only bodily liquid/substance I really can not stand!

When I worked in daycare (yes I worked with children all of my life) I taught (and yes I typed TAUGHT) one year olds and then two year olds. When my children got sick (shocker that day care kids get sick... I know.) I was KNOWN to use one whole box of tissues a day. You see I would use 5 tissues per child...... per wipe! Sometimes I would even wear a rubber glove... if I was able to put one on in time. Yes I hate boogers!

I thought maybe that when it was my own baby who had boogers that I would not react as badly. But NOPE! Not the case. Okay, so I don't use 5 tissues per wipe.... I use a burp bib and then throw it in the washing machine. Yes we have taught our daughters how to blow their nose.... Pooker picked it up pretty fast, Kit Kat knows how to blow, but it is such a petite blow that all it manages to do is look cute. So I have to break out the big ol' green nose sucker outer. She sees that thing and right away calls "DADDY!" like he is going to save her. I have to hold her down with both of my legs on top of her arms and legs, while the sides of my feet keep her head in place. If someone were to peak in my windows (which they better not... that is just wrong) they would think I was torturing the poor thing. I loath the whole process of extracting those nasty boogers. The sound of the nose sucker sucking in the vile substance and then the sound of them being pushed onto the burb bib. Then I have to listen to her saying "all done!!!" each time I go in for more! (Such a sad thing to hear.) A process I have to repeat at least 5 times per nostril, sometimes up to 20 times a day to prevent an ear infection! Now I am happy to say that my girls are pretty healthy most of the time and Pooker does not get boogers too often. But Kit Kat... man when the girl gets boogers........ EWWWWWWW She gets boogers!

Then add breastfeeding a baby with boogers! OMG! First you have to do the nose sucking thing, then as she is crying (which makes more BOOGERS) you quickly get in position to nurse. Then as she is on...... the boogers she made from all the crying begin to touch the Nummie Makers! OMG, so now you are covered in boogers! Oh man, it is a never ending cycle.

Oh and not to mention when the baby gets sick...... you can get sick. So as you are sucking out the babies nose, wiping the babies nose, trying to dispose of baby boogers, removing boogers from your nummie makers ......... you have to do all of the above for your boogers! (well maybe not all of above, but you get the picture.) Yes, Mummies..... I hate boogers. All boogers! Baby boogers, adult boogers, toddler boogers.... BOOGERS!

What is your biggest pet peeve?

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  1. I hate when they are nursing and they're all stuffed up with snot, and the snot gets on me, and their faces, and just EWWWW!! I feel SO bad for them! ~Tami Northey


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