Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Zookies Cloth Diaper

Are you a cloth diaper Mummie? I have to say I was reluctant to start cloth diapering... but thought it was worth a shot. An old friend of mine over at Cooper Ave was kind enough to show me a whole new way of thinking. So when Kit Kat was about 6 months old.... we started our adventure into Cloth Diapering. I have to say it really is not bad! It is easy to do.. plus there are so many options. (Which can be confusing at first... but if you like to shop for cute things...... there is no lack of cute patterns for the fluffy butt in your family!) Oh and did I mention the whole money saving aspect? (That is as long as you do not buy every cloth diaper you see!)

I was so lucky to win a Zookies Cloth Diaper Cover from Obsessions of the Trophy Wife. I was able to pick the size, pattern, and closure I wanted! I have to say it was like shopping in the candy store at the mall (but ummmm a bit less expensive!) Zookies has so many different patterns that it really was hard to pick one! What I love about her patterns is that they are so colorful!  I was able to narrow it down to  the "Cupcakes" pattern. I wanted something that SCREAMED girlie! Can you get any more girlie than pink cupcakes?!
She has two different kinds of closures, the snap and the velcro options. The cloth diapers I have are snaps... so I decided to go with velcro to try it out. When it came to sizes.... Kit Kat is a petite little thing. So I had a bit of a problem there.... Her sizing goes like this:
Small: 15" rise (10-15lbs.)
Medium: 17" rise (15-25lbs.)
Large: 19" rise (25+lbs)

I decided to go with the medium as Kit Kat is MAYBE 20 lbs.
I was soooooooooo excited when it came in the mail! Even more excited when I took it out of the bag! It was just as cute in person as it was in the picture! It looked and felt super well made and the fabric seemed to be high quality. I could not wait.... I washed it right away! 

I have to say that it seems a bit big on Kit Kat.... but the other diapers I have are all One Size diapers. So this diaper was a bit of a change. With that being said, I have not had ONE leak! The diaper fits perfect in the leg area and she has room to grow in it. I love the fact I can use the inserts I already have. The Velcro closure is crazy easy to use, and not once has anything gotten stuck to it (not even in the washer.) I will even go out on a limb and say I like the Velcro closure over the snap! You see.. there is no counting required with the Velcro. When you have a little person wanting to run around..... counting snaps can be hard! 

Here are some pictures of Kit Kat in her new Zookies diaper! Now.... she is one hard lady to keep down, so pardon the not looking in the camera and smiling issue. It seems she is not going to be my Super Model the way her big Sissy is! (Not because she is not GORGEOUS, because she is....she just will not stay still long enough to pose!) But I think the pictures came out well.
If you are a cloth diaper mummie or even if you are just starting out.... Zookies is a great place to buy! Her prices are average if not a bit lower than most and are very user friendly!

Thanks again to Obsessions of the Trophy Wife and Zookies! So excited I won this diaper!!!!!!! 


  1. You are SO welcome! I'm glad you love it and KitKat looks SO super adorable in it!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! I am glad you are still enjoying cloth and I must say, that cupcake print is to die for! Absolutely adorable!

  3. Awwww thanks! I think it is the cutest little pattern I have seen....

  4. And thanks vanessa! You opened my eyes so many months ago! Hehe

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