Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Breastfeeding should be seen......

........Not hidden.

So, we all know that breastfeeding is wonderful right? I do not think you would be reading this if you thought other wise. However, why are rates so low? Think about it..... how many times have you seen a stranger breastfeeding in public? Go ahead... I will wait.....

If you are like me.... you tend to keep an eye out to see if you can find a nummie lover enjoying some of Mummie's nummies. But I have only seen two people EVER nursing in public (and one of those times was a co worker on her lunch break!) So why is that? Why don't we see more mummies nursing in public? I would love to go up to a nursing mummie and say "CONGRATS on giving your nummie lover the best!" (I actually did that when I saw a mummie nursing in public, at Disney World last year.)

I do not feel it is up to me to make breastfeeding more the norm, nor do I feel the need to flaunt the fact that I breastfeed.. But I do feel it is my right (and my nummie lover's right) to breastfeed (in public) to show other mummies that it is okay. Not only other mummies...... but everyone else too. Even if it touches just one Mummie.... that mummie might touch someone else, that mummie might touch someone else..... and so on and so on. Pretty soon there will be a domino effect. Then BAM, breastfeeding could be the norm in public!

Picture it...... mummies sitting in an open field nursing their babies, a mummie sitting in a cafe sipping caffeine free coffee with her nummie lover enjoying her own "mummie latte". Can you picture it? Now picture all that with no one giving these mummies a hard time, no yucky looks, no side way glances. No hush hush remarks. Just head nods and smiles. Or heck nothing at all! Just other people going about their own routine, enjoying their own day.Sometimes I feel that NIP'ing (Nursing in Public) is not a big deal. Sort of along the lines, if I don't make it a big deal then no one else will. But other times, when I notice some one looking at me with a sort of soured expression (which has not happened very often... but has happened. I swear one older lady almost gave her self whiplash as she walked by me as I nursed Kit Kat at the mall. Her expression was none too approving.) it makes me feel self conscious at first. I will admit it, but that feeling only lasts for a few seconds and then the feeling of "Get Over it!" takes over. I have mentioned before that I do not have the best self esteem (knowing it is half the battle right?) but breastfeeding my girls has helped me dramatically. Even NIP'ing for the first time, with Pooker. I was so nervous! We were at a busy restaurant with family and she was only 16 weeks old. As we settled in (with her nursing blanket as a cover) I began to relax...... when she was done, I looked at my husband and whispered "we did it!" I felt as if I just won an award and ready to give my acceptance speech!

I know not all mummies feel comfortable nursing in public and I am not saying that you have to. Nor am I passing judgment on you if you do not NIP. Judging is not what is helping. You might feel the way you do, due to fear of judging remarks, perhaps you never saw a NIP'er, perhaps you are a closet nurser. But what ever you are.... you are a breastfeeding mummie........ you should feel proud.(but remember NIP'ing can take practice before you are 100% confident with yourself.

I just wish I would see more mummies giving their babies nummies in public, more often. I wish mummies would feel it is okay to NIP. I wish I could "head nod" at some mummie and show my support.

So the next time you are out and about........ try to take a look around. Is there a mummie sitting in the back of the room, in a corner, on a bench, in her car NIPing? Show her you support her and her choice. Perhaps even tell her about Mummies Nummies! (hehe... I would love that!!!!) Because here at Mummies Nummies.... no Mummie feels alone!!!!!!!

How about you mummies? What is your wish?


  1. I am a proud public breastfeeder, sometimes covered sometimes not. My older son Would Not Let me Cover Him for Any Reason so I just got over any embarrassment and pulled out the boob in public. No one ever verbally accosted me for it but I did get some deathstares. Their problem. Not mine.

  2. I am 200% in favor of breastfeeding whenever and wherever the baby is hungry. My son just turned 2 and I was only able to breastfeed {without any other type of nutrient} him for 6 months. During that time I was in a car accident and needed surgery and was on painkillers and blood thinners for some time after so I had stopped. Like EvenRose sometimes I covered and other times I didn't; it all depended on my son's mood. It was so funny because he was a big baby and all you could see was his legs kicking around because he didn't like the cover. This was back when I lived in Puerto Rico and over there breastfeeding isn't a top priority for people which is very sad. Whenever a friend or acquaintances is pregnant I always make it a point to ask them whether they are breastfeeding or not and if the answer is uncertain or negative I always sit down with them and try to sell them on it. :-)

    I'm following you from the hop.

  3. To be honest, the reason I was so scared about breastfeeding in general, was the idea of just whippin out the girls in public settings. I mean I know they make really cute covers, and I would so be all over that, but everyone knows what your doing anyways, and totally stares anyways!! I think there SHOULD be a bigger movement to make women feel more comfortable to breast feed where ever their babies need it!!

    PS I'm following you from the hop too!!! && I'm glad I did!!! Your blog is really informative!! I love it!

  4. Head nod to you, Mummie! :-)

    "I just wish I would see more mummies giving their babies nummies in public, more often. I wish mummies would feel it is okay to NIP. I wish I could "head nod" at some mummie and show my support."

  5. Total support of this! I breast fed my son too! It is the best thing to do and CHEAP!!!! How can you loose on this! Hey there! Stopping by to say Hi from the blog hop today! :) Hope to see you over on mine too! (possible giveaway on this one!)

  6. Hi Great blog. Stopping by from the blog hop. Love your blog. I breastfed my daughter as much as I could but got an infection in both breasts due to a breast pump (long story):( No support near by either. So glad I breast fed strickly for the first month though. I plan to try breastfeeding again with my baby due in Aug. I'll be visiting this blog often. Thanks for sharing!!

  7. In complete agreement! Stopping by from the Thursday Blog Hop! I am your newest follower and cannot wait to read more! I would love to have you stop by and follow me back :)

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  9. It took time for me to be comfortable NIPing and it still sometimes freaks my husband out. I carry a cover in my purse but we don't use it/if I bring it out my son ends up pulling it down. We took a road trip when he was 3 months old, and I had to nurse in the car. That really relaxed me. I've nursed in restaurants, church, a car dealership... We are getting to be experts. My bigger insecurity is when I think about how it will be to NIP after he is 1 year old. THAT is some taboo...

  10. I totally and completely support nursing in public. I do it all the time and find no reason to go hide away just because we have sexualized breasts so much in our society that we can't stand to see them used for their original purpose. That's not to say that I don't prefer to nurse alone, in a quiet space, when I can. It's nicer for me and easier for baby (no distractions). However, I do admit that I stop NIP much once my babies hit about 18 months...but at the same time, we rarely NEED to nurse while in public at those ages. But we do child-led weaning, and anything beyond that REALLY seems to freak people out and I just hate dealing with the negativity. I know it's right for us and that we are doing the very best for our children, but it still makes me feel crummy when people are cruel about it. So I just avoid it.

    It really does bless me to see others moms breastfeeding in public though!! Makes me feel like I'm part of a team instead of just doing it alone!!!


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