Thursday, April 21, 2011

Earth Mama Angel Baby photos deleted by FaceBook

Hello Mummies. The time has come once again to stand up and shout from the rook tops that BREASTFEEDING IS NOT OBSCENE! Yes, FaceBook has struck again, this time targeting Earth Mama Angel Baby. The other night, I received an email cry of help from Mama (aka Melinda) informing me that one of her photos was removed by the FaceBook admins, they sent her a WARNING that a picture in her photo strip had been removed because it apparently "violated the Terms of Use.” Mama was so upset and confused over this she decided to reach out for help and she blogged about it as well. On her blog post, she shows two photos, one that was removed and one that was left alone. 
This photo was removed as FaceBook deemed it violated the terms of use. Now, you can clearly see that no nipple is being shown, the little Nummie Lover is covering his Mummie's nummie makers with his little hand. But what has Mama (and quiet frankly the rest of us) a bit confused and upset is that they (FaceBook) left this second picture up:

Now, let me play devil advocate here for one short second...... This photo does show a teeny bit of nipple area. So I can "understand" why they would deem this a Violation (That is if they would actually be consistent of their "terms.") But this photo was not removed nor is it even in question. (No shocker here but I think it is such a cute photo! I mean come on! Look at that little Nummie Lover's face! OHHHH I want to pinch those cheeks!)

But I guess the question is, why would they deem the first photo a violation, but leave the second one alone? Both photos WERE on their photo strip and on their photo tab. What is it that the first photo has that the second one does not? What got FaceBook's nursing bra straps all twisted? (Oh wait... maybe they don't use nursing bras! I can understand that I ditched my nursing bras too...... I find regular bra straps much more comfy.) But come on. 

Mama is also reaching out to other breastfeeding support groups who can help. I am so excited to say that Best For Babes is reaching out and offering all the help they can. (WAY TO GO THERE BFB!) Other groups are lending a supportive hand, Snugabell Mom, Baby Gear,, A Mother’s Boutique,, The Green Grandma... just to name a few.

So what about you Mummies? Will you help us out? Will you help Mama? Contact FaceBook (mama has a link you can click to submit a suggestion to FaceBook on her blog post.) Will you do it?


  1. Wow! That is just nonsense. I have seen much more bogus crap being posted all over facebook. So becuase we are no longer tight bodied 20 somethings we can't show some skin? We've had babies and provide for them, does this make us less beautiful? No...facebook jerks.... Becuase women in these photos are real women, natural women, feeding their children it's somehow "disgusting", but it's ok to have some teenage girls tata's hanging out becuase she thinks it hot. Whatever! Makes me wish I wouldn't have deleted my facebook so I could join in the fight.

  2. Maybe the reason is because in the first picture, you can see both breasts (or maybe Facebook is racist *yes, I said it!*)...BUT, there is no reason to block photos of this nature. They are not sexual, they are not explicit. They are just like pictures of bottles being held by moms/babies. The Trophy Wife is on this!

  3. I kind of agree with The Trophy Wife, although I wish it wasn't so. It's pretty sad IMO, especially because someone had to report the photo as disturbing.


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