Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Mama gets Booby Slapped by FaceBook

Earth Mama Angel Baby has been slapped again by the Breastfeeding supporters (NOT) at FaceBook. Earlier this week I posted about one breastfeeding photo being removed while another (a bit more "racier" photo remained.) Well....... it seems FaceBook does listen.... however they have heard the WRONG message! They have now removed the other breastfeeding photo, and sent Mama this message:
Because you uploaded photo content that violates our policies, you won’t be able to upload photos for 7 days. After this 7-day block is lifted, please make sure any photos you upload follow Facebook’s policies. If you have other photos on the site that violate our policies, be sure to remove them immediately or you could be blocked from uploading content for a longer period of time

So what is it going to take? What message do we, Nummie making Mummies and Nummie making supporters, have to get across? What is it about the message "Breastfeeding is not obscene" does FaceBook not understand?

I have thought about posting photos that FaceBook does NOT consider offensive, as they have not been removed, but have decided against it. I do not want to post those kind of photos on Mummies Nummies. I think if you looked around FaceBook you would be AMAZED at the range of photos that are allowed to remain. I mean PlayBoy'ish photos WITH nipple exposure. So why is it okay for models to show off their nipples, on FaceBook, but not okay for a breastfeeding nipple slip?  (HOWEVER, if you remember the first photo that was removed from Mama's page showed no nipple.)

This whole issue just makes it harder for us to normalize breastfeeding. It makes it harder for other mummies to see how a non issue breastfeeding truly is. It makes it EASIER for non supporters to speak up and make breastfeeders feel like they are doing something wrong. Well, by golly, we are not doing something wrong and we will not be made to feel as such. For EVERY photo that FaceBook removes, for EVERY negative comment that is spoken, for EVERY "report this photo" button that is clicked..... we will defend! We will stand up, we will get bigger, we will speak up! WE WILL BE HEARD!

At this very moment.... as I write this...... I am looking at my 17 month old breastfed daughter, Kit Kat. I wonder what it will be like for my daughters when they have children of their own. Will they face the same "shame" that is being forced upon us breastfeeders now? Or will it be a different world for them? Will they be supported by outsiders, or just from within their family circle? Such a sad world we live in........ to have to put shame and breastfeeding in the same sentence.

Rest assured, Mummies...... I will be keeping up with this and will keep you posted.


  1. Well said! I am posting a link to your comments on my blog. Thanks for the thoughtful writing.

  2. Thank you Helen! I will cyber walk over to your blog!


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