Friday, April 22, 2011

Family Blog Hop Week 2

Hi Everyone! Thanks for stopping by The WEEKLY Family Blog Hop! This is week 2of our blog hop.... and we are so excited!!! Not sure what a blog Hop is? Well a Blog Hop is a fun "game" with the objective to gain new readers, new followers, and to above all get your blog noticed! The Family Blog Hop is open to all blogs that are family friendly. What is special about our blog Hop is that we are a WEEKLY Blog Hop. Meaning it is open every day, 7 days a week! Each Friday we will begin a new blog hop that will last until the following week. You can sign up any day, at any time and begin HOPPING! If you include your email address, when signing up, we will send you a reminder the Thursday before a new Hop begins. I’m super excited to announce I am co-hosting with Obsessions of a Trophy Wife. I am so excited to meet new bloggers as well as see some familiar ones! Even if you are already following me, I would love for you to say hi!
Here are the rules:

1. Become a follower of the two hosts: Mummies Nummies and Obsessions of the Trophy Wife via Google Friend Connect.

2. Place our Family Blog Hop button in a blog post. This way, people have a place to comment when they follow you. (link is below) Or you can place our button anywhere on your blog and visitors can comment on any one of your posts.


3. Add your blog’s URL and blog name to the list. (Click on the “Add your link” button and fill out your URL, blog’s name, and email, and click “Next step.”)

4. Follow anyone who follows you. (This is the fun part.) Always leave a comment with your URL on their blog, so that they know where to follow you back.

5. If you would like me to follow you back, you MUST leave a comment letting me know you are following Mummies Nummies! Feel free to comment on this post or another post of mine!

6. If you are strictly a Giveaway Blog, please understand these blogs are not allowed to participate. However, if your blog has significant personal content as well as giveaways...... you may hop!

7. Have fun HOPPING!!

Are you ready Mummies and Daddies?!?! Let's HOP!

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