Friday, April 29, 2011

"Foto" Friday

"Foto" Friday is a play on phrase for Photo Friday. I take a million pictures each week, well maybe not a million...... but A LOT! So I thought it would be nice to share my favorite picture from the week. Each Friday, I will post one picture and each "Foto" will include a small caption. Some pictures will be related to breastfeeding, while others will not. I hope you enjoy "Foto Friday!" Do you like "Foto" Friday? Well come on over to our facebook page and join in! I love seeing your "Fotos."

While at our local Outlet Mall, with a fellow Mummie, Pooker had to take a potty break. When we walked into the potty....... imagine my surprise when I saw this at the end of the bathroom. Great idea? YES! Thoughtful? YES! Executed correctly? NO!

For heavens sake.... the only thing separating this "Nursing Mother's Area" from the next bathroom stall is a CURTAIN! What you can not see here is that the bathroom stall door (when opened) TOUCHES the curtain! This "foto" is not deceiving...... when the curtain is closed you do NOT have enough room to nurse your baby without hitting the curtain with your elbow or your Nummie lover's head or feet! Besides......YOU ARE STILL NURSING IN THE BATHROOM!!!

I took the below "foto" just outside the bathroom first. I thought WOW what a nice area to nurse a Nummie Lover! I was impressed.... that is until I walked into the bathroom. "A" for effort there Simon Malls...... but you FAILED the test!

(pretty huh?)


  1. In the same outlet mall in the other bathroom there is an area for nursing mummies that is about the size of a large fitting room with a lazy boy type chair. I was impressed!

  2. I would just nurse in the first area with the two couches. Why should my baby have to eat over a toilet? gross. yeah I say they failed. What does it say about our country that this is considered acceptable??? Ugh!

  3. btw way I randomly found you by accidentally clicking on your profile when trying to enter a giveaway you also entered. Well then I clicked on your blog saw the photo and stayed long enough to read- and decided to become a follower- LOL! I am a breastfeeding, cloth diapering mommmy blogger too, my blog is all about helping others to "build their village". Check me out sometime (I have a great low entry giveaway going on right now!)
    Thanks for the post and for being a BF advocate!

  4. Wow! I am beyond the nursing years, but I would totally prefer to nurse on the comfy couch with an appropriate cover than to do it inside the bathroom. And, honestly, a chair in the corner behind a curtain? I don't think I would have even bothered with the curtain if I was ALREADY in the women's bathroom! LOL!


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