Monday, April 4, 2011

Genetically modified cows to produce human breastmilk

Wow that is a title, huh?!
So it turns out the Chinese have found a way to genetically modify cows so that they no longer make COWS milk, but instead make human milk. (Ummmm, okay.) I have heard that they are plotting the return of the Mammoth...... but this?! COME ON! Wondering how they did it? I am more wondering WHY?!!!! But here is the how:
 "Scientists have created 300 cows that produce milk with some of the properties of human breast milk, including lysozyme, which fights bacteria and improves infants’ immune systems in their first few days of life.
Researchers in China introduced genes that express human lysozyme (also called HLZ) and other human proteins into Holstein cattle embryos, and implanted the embryos into surrogate cows. When the GM cows started lactating, their milk contained HLZ and two other proteins.
Using a new purification process, the researchers were apparently able to make the milk taste more human — they increased its fat content and changed the amounts of milk solids."

One of the researchers says that it could be 10 years or more until they are able to "finally pour this enhanced milk into the consumer’s cup." They also revealed that they boosted milk fat content by around 20 per cent and have also changed the levels of milk solids, making it closer to the composition of human milk as well as having the same immune-boosting properties.(again I say UMMMMM OKAY.) However, it is this comment that really gets me....Professor Li said "their work has shown it was possible to "humanize" cows milk." Why would they want to humanize a cow?! What is it about a cow that makes these scientists want to make them produce HUMAN breastmilk?! I mean really? Perhaps they are doing this just to say "HAHA we made cows into humans!" But personally.... I think a cow should make cow milk and a human should make human milk. I am not one to mess with nature. Genetically Modified Foods are a bit scary to me! Escepcially when they are trying to make an animal taste like humans!

Now with that said.... my house stays far away from food and beverages made in China. Yes, we check all labels! We have even returned opened containers, to the store, when we noticed that the label read "Made In China." We no longer buy Apple Juice, as all Apple Juice we have found has the "Apples from China" label. Personally I am not going to pay an inflated price for juice just to have USA ingredients.

I am waiting for the day we hear of a study that says "We have genetically modified human milk into cow milk." I for one...... am happy I can produce my own mummie's nummes and do not need a cow to do it for me!

If you are super curious... this study was published back on March 16, 2011 in the PLoS ONE Journal

Okay, mummies.... sound off. What are your feelings on this?

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  1. Instead of spending a ton of money on this....WHY doesn't the world just spend the money on providing help and support to women to breastfeed their own babies?? I just don't understand. It's a "modern marvel" to have cows make human milk, but it's "indecent" to breastfeed in public. Human beings are supposed to be the most intelligent life forms on this planet, so why are we doing things that are so dumb??


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