Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Baby Experts "Discrimination Against Mothering" Show

Last night the wonderful crew over at My Baby Experts held a live stream show dedicated to the battle going on with FaceBook and breastfeeding photos. I was so excited to watch and take part in this show, but Mummie duties won out.... so I was only logged in for a brief time. But Joe, from My Baby Experts, sent me the direct link to watch the whole thing. The show titled "Discrimination Against Mothering" , was hosted by Shari Criso and had some wonderful guests as well. Bettina Forbes (co founder of Best For Babes), Peggy O'Mara (publisher and editor for, and Melinda Olson (founder of Earth Mama Angel Baby each brought an amazing focus to this topic. In my opinion these four women can help change the mindset of many, in regards to breastfeeding.

So a group of us are all working together to brain storm what we can do to change FaceBook's policy regarding breastfeeding photos. It has come out that FaceBook believes breastfeeding photos are not considered obscene according to their official policy (which they have stated to the media but not to their own users.) Which is a great step. Also when someone flags a photo, as obscene, a human employee of FaceBook does look at it... but it is up to that individual to remove it. (I believe, but I am still waiting to confirm that.) There is also talk about getting The Surgeon General's Office involved.

So what is my idea? It is something as simple as a couple of sentences on the Flag a Photo box. If FaceBook really believes that breastfeeding does not go under the category of "obscene" then why not state that when someone goes to flag a photo? Something like, "Breastfeeding photos do not break Terms of Use and are NOT considered obscene. These photos can still be reported, but will not be removed." That would get the word out. I am not saying people should not report a photo that they find "obscene", that would take away their rights and their voice. What I am saying is that FaceBook needs to follow through with what they say, that breastfeeding photos are not obscene. This might take a bit more "man power" on their part...... but it is worth the extra step... don't you think?

What are your ideas? What do you think will help?

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