Monday, April 25, 2011

Painful breasts?

So last week I was in some pain. My right breast was very sensitive and painful to touch. All the thoughts of Mastitis, and clogged milk ducts filled my brain. I have had Mastitis before, when I stopped nursing Pooker (COLD TURKEY) as I was pregnant with Kit Kat. (If you are a new Mummie.... I am high risk so breastfeeding while preggers is out of the question, I was bleeding and clotting the first 7 weeks of Kit Kat's pregnancy. Pooker was still nursing 6 times a day when I had to stop. So needless to say it was painful!)

(So last week) I found myself "feeling my self up" to try and diagnose myself! My husband did find this funny and even laughed a few times at me. I guess the sight of me "fondling" my nummie maker is funny. I hand expressed some breastmilk into a towel to see if I could "see" a clog...... nope.... all seven streams going in every which direction..... and I do mean IN EVERY WHICH DIRECTION! Lordy, I had milk in my hair, on my pants and I think some went across the room. (Now remember I said I hand expressed INTO a towel.... yeah well apparently I am not very good at catching my nummies!)

I looked for visible veins on my breast, fever, chills, hard spots.... all negative.

So what the heck was wrong?!!!!!!!! I decided to look at my breast after Kit Kat was done nursing. HOLLY MOTHER OF NUMMIES! I had deep indentions of top teeth marks! Lordy! No wonder my breast was hurting! The girl was trying to bit it off! Now my question was.... HOW DID I NOT FEEL THIS WHILE SHE WAS NURSING?! I had no idea! (and still don't!)

I then began each nursing session with the phrase "don't bite mommy" and she would respond "otay mommy." (cute right? I KNOW!) Although she would not always follow through with her promise..... when I thought I felt a bite attempt all I did was tap her cheek and say "no bite mommy" and she would mumble "uhhhh huhhh" with a mouth of nummies. I am happy to say.......... I am pain free and this is the way to be!

So there you go.. when in doubt... check it out!

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