Sunday, May 22, 2011

Forest Park copy of new Nudity Law

So there has been some discussion on Mummies Nummies about what the law really states.
I was able to find the City Ordinance and wanted to share it with you. I read through the whole ordinance and found where they added public breastfeeding. Here is what it says:
Nudity shall mean the showing or exhibition of the human male or female genitalia, anal region, pubic area, or cleft of the buttocks with less than a fully opaque covering, or the showing of the females breast with less than a fully opaque covering of the nipple and/or areola........
Exceptions to this new ordinance:
Any female person exposing a breast in the process of breastfeeding an infant under the age of 2 years...

No where in the ordinance does it mention that it is LEGAL to covering up while in public. No where does it say that it is LEGAL to breastfeed a child OVER 2 years old. What it is saying is that once your child turns 2 years old you are no longer allowed to breastfeed in public. Once your child hits the 2 year mark, and you breastfeed your child in public, you are partaking an illegal act of indecency and nudity. Yes, mummies who have nummie loving babies, UNDER 2,  are exempt from this new ordinance. But what about the other mummies? What about the baby who is turning 2 tomorrow? Are you seriously going to tell me that it is LEGAL for that baby to nurse while sitting on a public bench TODAY but not tomorrow? Tell me that makes sense to you. Tell me that you are not laughing at the stupidity of that. Tell me it does not make you the slightest bit upset that they government is now trying to tell you HOW and when and WHEN you are able to feed your baby.

Tomorrow is the Nurse In. Over 200 Mummies and their Nummie Lovers are planning on attending, NURSE ON MUMMIES and educate those people in Forest Park. Show them how wrong they are. Stand up and show them how unjust this new ordinance is. Extended breastfeeding (correction Full Term Breastfeeding) being labeled as nudity? Are you serious???!!!!

Feel free to read the whole Public Indecency Ordinance if you have more questions.


  1. *ahem* <3 you.. but.. *full term breastfeeding* not extended... we are asking to feed our children for the necessary full term.. not for an extended (therefore *special*) amount of time

    Other than that.. ^^Exactly! What you said MN!!

  2. @newincs........thank you for the correction! Heart you too!!!!!


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