Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just when you think you took it away...

There comes a time in breastfeeding when you have to wean. For one reason or another.... may it be child led weaning, mommy led weaning, health reasons or what ever...... it will happen. But in those times when you have weaned off one feeding, you little nummie lover will say "Oh no you don't" and you just might find yourself with a little nummie lover latched on you when you KNOW you took that certain feeding away.

Where am I going with this? Well here...... come follow me.

So last month we put a contract on a house. We went through all of the hoops and fire pits that goes along with buying a HUD owned home. We did not even have a closing date until 3 days before we closed. (Did you know that you don't even get house keys, to a HUD home, at closing?? Yeah SURPRISE!!!!!) Anyways... I am getting off point. So, yes we closed on our house. Now, our new house (so excited about this house I have to say!) was not loved as much as it should have been. Meaning it is a bit dirty and needs some lovin and I knew my husband and I would be the ones to do it. Having two young children, one being a nummie lover, I knew it would be a bit difficult. So to prepare for our "cleaning party" I decided to wean Kit Kat from 4 feedings a day to 3. I "thought" taking away her mid morning nummie session would give me more time to get the house in living shape. So two weeks before our (ESTIMATED) closing date, I began weaning her off of her mid morning feeding. Now it was hard the first couple of days... but between snacks, sippy cups and distracting her with trips to the store I thought we had it down. (Did you see the word THOUGHT?)

Well..........guess what....

Boredom set in once and she decided she wanted some nummies. (While at the new house waiting for the air conditioning repair man to do his magic.) Yeah she was pretty grumpy and pretty forceful about it!

And then there was this morning....... We had plans to drop the girls off at my sister in laws (Hi Nicole!) so I could go help get the new house in sleep over condition. (Now you have to understand... I do not leave my girls. If my girls can not go... then I do not go. But there comes a time in one's life where you have to be childless. I have come to accept this... even though I still do not like it.) So there I was elbow deep in pinesol and scrubbing strange dirt when I get the dreaded phone call. Yupp... you know the one. "Kit Kat wont stop crying, her nose wont stop running and she wont let me wipe it. All she wants is mommy." add that to hearing my sweet nummie lover crying and I was off like a shot! I barely slowed down to tell my husband that I was leaving to get Kit Kat. I ran in the house to find my baby walking around (luckily playing at the time) and when she saw me... oh heart break! She ran to me calling "mommy" with her arms up. So what did I do? The most instinctive thing I could think of. I whipped it out right then and there and nursed her. (And just to confirm this was around the same time as her mid morning nummie session that we got rid of.)

Oh man she missed me! Luckily she only wanted one side.... but it must have been a good side! hehe.

What did Kit Kat do after she was done with me? She got down and ate some cheeze its! Now she did not let me out of her sight after that.... but she did seem to be better. I blame this whole thing on weather, seasonal cold, teething, missing mommy, El Nino.... you name it I will blame it!

So will I nurse her tomorrow at the same time? Probably not.... but I will let her decide. It seems she is the one in control.... not me. I know that now.

So if you are still counting.... we are down to 3 nummie sessions a day.

Nice to still be needed though.


  1. It's normal to get some reversion when big changes happen. I'm expecting Little Man to start waking up at night again and he has also wanted to nurse again...even though it's been over a month since we have at all! He knows things are changing and doesn't know what to do about it. I too don't leave Little Man, but have realized that it's a necessity now. It's good for everyone though to get some time away from each other. It will help them develop and grow and realize that Mommy can go away but she will always come back. It will give them confidence. Good luck and I'm excited for you.

  2. Some days we hardly nurse, then one day she will nurse too many times to keep track of! I've given up counting... Sometimes I feel impatient to quit, sometimes I get so depressed when I think of her growing out of it! It's a bittersweet time. =)


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