Wednesday, May 18, 2011

look out Forest Park, GA....... here come the Mummies!

So yesterday I posted about Forest Park Georgia passing an ordinance making it illegal to publicly breastfeed a child over two years old.... yes that still sounds stupid to me. I mean really, what year are we living in? Since then, there has been an amazing amount of outcry! (Rightly so!) But there has also been a bit of an update of sorts.

A fellow blogger, This Daddys Blog blogged about this story as well. He is a breastfeeder supporter, as his wife breastfed and still breastfeeds their youngest child. I for one LOVED reading his feelings on this, well because he is a guy! He did however take it one step further. He actually SPOKE with Mr Parker (The City Manager) on the phone!!!!! (This daddy is earning some major brownie points for sure!!!) As happy as I am with that bit of info... that is about where the happiness stops. Mr. Parker actually LAUGHED at him! (no not kidding.) Here is what was said (courtesy of This Daddys Blog.)

I called the Mayors office in Forest Park, Ga.  I got City Manager John Parker on the phone. Yes, I did. I told him I was outraged that this is being done and how could they and then he just started....Laughing at me. I promise he laughed at me.  Wondered why I was making a big deal about this and that it was the media making this a story when there are other things in the law.  No woman can breastfeed any child over the age of 2 in public. My son is almost 2 and still breastfeeds. So if we wanted to go to Forest Park, Ga. T wouldn't let him eat that way if he wanted. John Parkers words to me this morning were "We don't want children that can walk around to be breastfeeding in public." WOW. What a crazy thing to say.

I asked him what would I need to do to turn this thing around. He told me to do whatever I wanted to do, I was going to anyways.  In order to overturn the vote before the 30 days is up, letters need to be written to him so he can present them to the City Council. He just seemed to not care. I even asked him about what his wife thought and if she still breastfed would he see it differently and he told me "Its her decision and it doesn't matter to me."  I asked him if he would rather every woman just give the kids formula and he laughed and said "Whatever they decide".  Bet your wife is so proud of you today John Parker. Bet you wouldn't say this stuff to her that you are saying to me!

I also asked him about other problems like schools and drugs and crime and he just kept laughing at me wondering why people make such a big deal about this and they can go feed their babies or kids somewhere just not in public. My response to him was, why don't you make the other people go eat elsewhere.

Okay, take a moment and breath. Realize what you just read was not in your mind and no you did not misread ANY of that! So how about that? "We don't want children who can walk around be breastfeeding in public?!!!!!" I am sorry.... HUH?! Wow.... my poor Kit Kat was 9 months and walking around. Shoot I should have stopped then! Poo on you Mr. Parker, City Manager. You are a crappy Manager. Who are you to tell your citizens WHEN and WHERE and HOW they can feed their babies? Wow I feel for the people in your city.

So what can you do? Other than email Mr. Parker or whom ever you can find? You can call them as well... but please make sure to sign this Forest Park Restriction on Breastfeeding Petition,. This type of ignorant, misleading, prejudice, discriminating government needs to be stopped. When I signed it this morning there was only 50 or so people who signed it... as of right now there is 214!

There is also a Forest Park Georgia Nurse-In, created by Jessica Lister, planned for Monday, May 23 at 10 am. OHHHH this should be interesting!

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  1. Can I say Hell yeah on your blog. 214 so far that is awesome. Thanks for adding some of what I wrote to your blog. I am proud to be a great husband and father and supporter of breastfeeding children in public. We are gonna rock Forest Park

  2. Of course you can! "Hell yeah" is an accurate statement!!!!!

  3. My concern is this... the letters are to be written to HIM so that HE can present them to the city council.. ummm HE is all for this law.. how do we KNOW HE will provide them to the council? Wouldn't it be convenient if many of them were "lost" or "never delivered". YKWIM? Is there anyone else we can write to? Maybe a local momma or something? I want to be SURE the letters are delivered! I want this law repealed.. who else can we write to? Doesn't this law violate state laws? I realize state laws say "baby" but they do NOT have an age limit on them. Let's use that to our advantage! What can we do?!?

  4. @ newincs.... good point! I would think you can write to anyone on the council. Let me look into it and I will let you know!

  5. Here is the link to city employees and their contact information.........

    I will be emailing them later today as well

  6. Or you can also email the other two people listed under Mr.Parker

  7. All the complainers are not even from this city in Ga and they have no say so in the laws or town ordinances there. If the residents of that city are upset they should respond to this law or ordinance. I am not from GA and I am a woman and mother. I agree with this town, a 2 year old is not on demand feeding and doesn't have to be breast fed in public. I have no problem with breast feeding anywhere, but this law or ordinance sounds fine to me. Furthermore, if this father is so upset he could talk to his town or city where he lives to make sure his child no matter how old can always breast feed whenever he needs to, not in a city/town/state he doesn't even live in.

  8. Regarding the anonymous post above: You're right, most two year olds are not demand feeding, are not generally feeding in public regularly anyway, So... my big question is "Why bother making a law so completely irrelevant?" All it really does is ostracize a minority group, considering that only half the world's population are women, most women are not currently breastfeeding. An even smaller percentage are breastfeeding toddlers, and of that teeensy percentage, many are not nursing regularly during daytime hours anyway.

    MY understanding is that we have a political system based on "Majority rule, Minority RIGHTS." Hrmmmm... Quit stomping on innocent people for no reason, you big bullies.

    Smyrna, GA


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