Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Mommy I want to eat!"

So said my 17 month old Nummie Lover this morning. Her vocabulary always seems to amaze me.... just when I think she has amazed me one day...... she busts out with something else more amazing!

It was at 9:30 this morning, (as you know I feed on schedule) and it was 30 minutes before her next "meal." She walks over pulling on my shirt saying "mommy I want to eat." I looked at her and said "Kit Kat it is not time." Then it hit me..... did she really just say what I think she said?!! Sure enough she then climbed on my lap and said "NO! I want to eat!" digging her little teeny hand into my bra. Stunned...... I giggled at her. Which was THE WRONG THING TO DO! Oh man.... she started yelling "NO! NO! NO!" and began to cry as she pointed to my nummie makers! Oh how horrible!

I gave in. The poor thing ate her mummie's nummies early this morning. Now when I say she ate... I mean she ATE! Lordy Lordy... she nursed for 45 minutes! And you know I took a picture of it.... two to be honest!

Here is Kit Kat holding her "snuggly" during her 45 minute nursing session!

And here she is hidding from the camera! HEHE

**Keep in mind this was taken this morning... so she is still in her jammies and her hair is not done. Don't hate on the morning hair-do! hehe**


  1. Yuppers, babies/kiddos and their little tummies just do not understand our schedules :) I don't eat at 9, noon and 5 every single day I can't imagine forcing my kids to. Heckfire... no one was hungry today until about an hour ago :) We just ate our first meal of the day and it is right now 2:07pm :) The 17 month old nursed a few times but there were NO requests for food. When I got hungry I started cooking. They smelled the bacon and that got them salivating though lol :) We have a weird *schedule* around here anyway (which is why I refuse to do a schedule) since hubs works so late at night on 6 days of the week :)

    But... to each their own :) So cute that your little one was so insistent :) They know what they want don't they :) :)

  2. Such a sweet story! Thanks for sharing! I found you through your guest post on the Blog Hop and am now a follower!! Looking forward to reading more!

  3. @mother.... thanks so much! Glad you are here!

  4. I love it! A girl who knows what she wants....sounds like her mama ;) Is she going through a growth spurt that she wants to eat so much?

  5. Hehe.... yeah she knows what she wants alright! I think she is teething.... poor darlin' is only missing two teeth and well they are being stubborn. She has been VERY all about mommy lately.... so I think she was really enjoying "her" time. hehe. BUT a growth spurt WOULD be nice! Bless her heart... she could use one! hehe


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