Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nestle releases BabyNes

Just when you think you have seen it all (when it comes to formula companies....) Nestle "whips" out something new. In walks BabyNes by Nestle. "A unique combination of nutrition innovation, high-tech machine technology and after-sales service." (Their words not mine....)

 What the heck is it, you ask? Well let me allow Nestle to answer that.... since they are the experts in baby nutrition (also their words...not mine.) "BabyNes is the world’s first comprehensive nutrition system for infants and toddlers, and is based on Nestlé’s latest scientific achievements in baby nutrition and systems technology."

Soooooo basically it is a baby coffee maker! Except trade the coffee for powdered formula and VIOLA you have an instant, single serve, bottle of formula.

Oh but let me also make this disclaimer........"Nestlé supports exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of an infant’s life, in line with World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations, and continued breastfeeding thereafter for as long as possible. For babies who are not breastfed, Nestlé provides high-quality breast milk substitutes, such as BabyNes."

OKAY now that we have said that... (please remember their words... not mine.)

What are my feelings on this? Well let me just tell you the price of this contraption. The machine itself sells for $284 American dollars (UMMMMM OKAY.) and each single serve, individual formula capsule (sold in a set of 26) sells for at least 56 American dollars! WOW!!!!! Have money to spare? Now it has not been released here in The States... YET. It is being released in Switerland. (Wonder what the breastfeeding rates are there....Low I believe.)

I seriously do not see a need for this BabyNes machine. Am I against formula? No. If you have been a reader of Mummies Nummies for some time.. then you know I am not against the use of formula. I DO believe that breastmilk is best, safer, and more important to a babies nutrional needs. How ever, we did suppliment Pooker's feedings with formula two times a day for the first two months. So no, I am not 100% against formula. No I do not make a mummie feel bad if she uses formula. I do not think any mummie should be made to feel guilty, in how she chooses to feed her baby. But let me say again.... This is MUMMIES NUMMIES and we are A BREASTFEEDING SUPPORT BLOG. I am 100%  for breastfeeding and 100% AGAINST anything that tries to preventbreastfeeding.

To me...... this machine is meant for the wealthy. Who is Nestle really trying to reach here? I mean you can buy a great breastpump for the price of the BabyNes.

I don't know Mummies... what do you think?


  1. Ridiculous... I wouldn't buy this if I was a formula feeder. Formula is expensive enough as it is (especially for what it is).

  2. In the words of Clark Griswold "This is crazy, this is crazy, this is crazy!"

  3. I will buy this. I dont like breastfeeding and Babynes is easy to use. People are different, lifestyles are different.

  4. so wait is it more like breast milk then or formula? I mean I know it is formula but is it better then what is out there now?

  5. I think the price of anything baby related is just ridiculous. I have 3 children. I nursed one of them successfully and am nursing/formula supplementing the third (not by choice, we have serious issues this time around)

    That said, I would NOT buy a silly item like this. If we had big bucks to lay down, it would be for a pump and bottle warmer. That way, we could build the supply back up and still let daddy feed him occasionally. And we could get rid of the formula. As it stands now, any time he must have a bottle of formula, we just warm it up in a bowl of warm water.

  6. im a formula feeding mom. but this thing is way way over the top on price and its not like mixing a bottle yourself is that difficult. i do it one handed half asleep holding my child in the other arm who usually sqirming and/or crying. this machine seems useless and crazy expensive. even if i could afford it i wouldnt.


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